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Agricultural company with a land bank of 2000 hectares in the Odessa region

The crop-growing agricultural company with the land bank of 2000 hectares in the Odessa region for sale
  • Sector: Сельское хозяйство
  • Business activity: Растениеводство
  • Price: $1 350 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Location and type of activity

    The agricultural enterprise is located in the Odessa region.

    The main activity is crop production.

    Production - wheat, sunflower, corn, flax, canola, sorghum, millet.

    Legal structure

    Limited Liability Company.

    Tax regime.

    The enterprise is a payer of a single tax of group 4.

    Land Bank

    The cultivation of the agro-enterprise contains 2,000 hectares of compacted arable land, including:

    1,439 hectares - under lease agreements with individuals. Terms of agricultural leases of agricultural land until 2024 (approximately 90%) and until 2025-2027 (approximately 10%). In all contracts, the rights of pre-emptive renewal, purchase of land by the tenant, sale of the right of lease are specified. The rent is 4% - 5% of the normative monetary value of ther land.
    561 hectares - under lease agreements with local village councils.


    To obtain high yields (not to the detriment of the environment and soil quality), all the necessary components are observed, namely:

    • in the fields are sown crops of breeding of Odessa SGI and Krasnodar Research Institute named after P. Lukyanenko; seeds of hybrids of sunflower, corn and rapeseed of known European and American breeding institutions (Syngenta, Pioneer, Lembke, Monsanto);
    • apply modern technologies of cultivation of crops which, besides increase of productivity, provide safety of soil and humus in soil;
    • necessary fertilizers (100 kg NPK, 250 kg nitrate per 1 ha) are applied, including micro fertilizers, complex fertilizers, including numerous preparations that affect the yield and quality of agricultural products;
    • The necessary plant protection products are purchased exclusively from the world's leading manufacturers (Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow AgroSciences, Nufarm, FMC, Cheminova, BASF) for the purpose of causing minimal damage to the environment.
    • chemical treatment is done by the high-precision American Great Plains sprayers.
    • a sufficient number of experimental sites are pledged annually, on which innovations are tested in a two-, three-year cycle.

    Provision of equipment

    For conducting intensive crop production technologies, the enterprise is fully equipped with the basic set of agricultural machinery, both domestic and foreign production, as well as passenger and freight transport, which allows to carry out the cultivation cycle until harvesting by its own forces: 

    • 3 heavy-duty tractors (John Deere 8400, HTZ-17021) and 5 mid-range tractors (MTZ-82);
    • 6 grain drills (Great Plains CPH-30NF Great Plains CPH-2000F seeder NW-3.5, NW-5.4);
    • 3 tillage machines (Todak, HRC-8);
    • 5 dump trucks (GAZ-53, MAZ, ZIL);
    • 2 sprayers (TSF 1090, Great plains);
    • 6 cultivators of continuous cultivation (KPS-4,2, KPST-8), 2 cultivators of tillage cultivation (KRN-5,6);
    • 3 disc harrows (Kune, Demeter, John Deere)
    • All equipment is in working order.

    The latest repairs were carried out in 2018-2019.

    The harvesting of cereals requires the hiring of additional combines (2-3 pieces).

    Private freight provides field-to-current transportation.


    The enterprise is provided with own warehouses in the amount of 4,5 thousand tons, of which 3 thousand were reconstructed in 2016 a warehouse. tons of storage.

    Livestock - no

    IT system

    1Cv8: "Agricultural enterprise", with additionally added modules upon individual order of the enterprise.

    Selling price: $ 1,350,000

    - lease for agricultural land + real estate (buildings and structures) - $ 550 / ha
    - agricultural machinery - $ 250,000

    Subject of sale: corporate rights of a legal entity.


    Name: Alex

    E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

    Phone: +38 097 772 72 92

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