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Investment in an operating grocery business

Investments in expanding the activities of the operating grocery business with a well-known trademark
  • Sector: Пищевая промышленность
  • Business activity: Производство других пищевых продуктов
  • Stage: Стадия роста и расширения (Growth / Expansion)
  • Required investments: $2 530 000
  • Type of investment: Участие в капитале
  • Share in capital: 50%
  • Return on investment: 2.7 г.
  • IRR: 35.39%
  • NPV: $1 847 500
  • The initiating company is the leader of the Ukrainian grocery market in the segment of healthy nutrition products.

    The basis for the formation of all the company's products was the idea of ​​creating healthy products to comply with the principle of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

    Ultimate product quality and the variety of assortment is the result of effective work of consumers, employees and partners, which are the main value of the company.

    Core assets:

    • Food production complex (buildings and structures with a total area of ​​5,788 sq.m., located on a land plot of 1.63 ha).
    • Equipment for processing and packaging of food products in the amount of 22 items
    • Means of transportation
    • Well-known trademark and other intellectual property

    Production of the company:

    • creates the foundation for a healthy and balanced diet;
    • takes all the best from nature, allowing you to enjoy the true taste of healthy food;
    • establishes a culture of consumption of rice and other healthy products.

    The company sells its products in all retail chains of Ukraine, and also manufactures products under Private Label for such retailers as Fozzy, Metro, Aushan, Billa, Novus.

    The next stage of the company’s development is the production of finished or semi-finished products. Investments will be directed to the purchase and installation of equipment for the production of rice bread, rice snacks, packaging equipment, a line for the production of granola, as well as marketing promotion of new types of products.

    Key project indicators:

    • Amount of investments: UAH 60.7 million
    • Break-even performance period: 1 year
    • Payback period: 2.7 years
    • IRR (5 years): 35.39%
    • NPV (5 years): UAH 44.34 million
    • Profitability index (PI): 1.73 *

    Offer to investor

    1. Attracting investments to expand the company's activities with equity participation.
    2. Creation of a new enterprise and implementation of a new direction of food production.

    Additional project information is available upon request.


    Name: Roman Kantarovskiy

    E-Mail: rk@inventure.ua

    Phone: +380663226144

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