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Investments in a security facilities manufacturing project

Investments in expanding the activities of the operating business producing and selling antiautotheft products.
  • Sector: Инновации и высокие технологии
  • Business activity: Научные исследования и разработки
  • Stage: Стадия роста и расширения (Growth / Expansion)
  • Required investments: $510 000
  • Type of investment: Участие в капитале
  • Share in capital: 50%
  • Return on investment: 3 г.
  • AMJ Protective is a subsidiary of AMJ Family Company, which specializes in creating products aimed at protecting information, property and monetary funds. The company has been operating since 2017 and is already well known on the market of protective products of various types.


    Protective Key Cover is a protective cover for a car key, manufactured by AMJ Protective since its foundation in 2017.

    PKC is a leather case for a car key, which has a unique design of radio insulation, that allows you to protect the car from theft by the principle of relaying the key signal.

    At the moment, there are no analogues in the world to such approach and style. The design and materials used to create a product are not repeated by anyone.


    The product makes impossible one of the most popular methods of car theft, using the signal relaying of the standard key (signal pole/monopod).

    At the moment, there is a statistics of more than 70% of car thefts with keyless entry systems (Minimum cost of a car starting from $ 30,000 at the current time). Theft is not only Ukraine’s problem, but global. The myth of the lack of demand for this type of protection in the countries of Europe and America has been dispelled with the opening of a representative office in England and a sharp jump in sales.

    Market capacity:

    In 2019, 88 567 cars were sold in Ukraine, there were 15% cars with keyless entry system among them. Sales growth in 2019 compared to 2018 was 13%. It is expected that in 2020 the number of car sales in Ukraine will overcome the amount of 100,000 units. The share of cars with keyless entry system will increase to 17%. Consequently, the number of potential buyers of a PKC product will also increase as the overall market capacity. The market is recreational and constantly growing, which allows you to increase sales.

    Geographic structure of sales:

    More than 30 car showrooms are selling Protective Key Cover cases in officially Kyiv and Ukraine, retail shops in Ukraine, as well as 5 certified auto repair shops of post-warranty maintenance.

    Exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation.

    Distributor in the UK and Luxembourg.

    Distributor in Kazakhstan.

    Production – Kyiv, Ukraine.

    Trade stock and assortment:

    At the moment, the lineup consists of 58 individual and 1 universal cases. All the cases are presented in 4 basic colors Black/Red/Brown/Beige. The total inventory exceeds 2,500 pcs.

    Additional products:

    Credit Card Cover is a radio isolating bank card holder, that protects against unauthorized spoofing or copying information.

    Mobile Silence Cover is a shielding case for cell phones. The phone, when placed, completely disappears from the network.

    Jammer Block is a small jammer for a car key.  This is an alternative to Protective Key Cover (for other customers).

    And many others.

    Core project indicators:

    At the moment, about UAH 13 million was invested in the company by its founder.

    Profitability: 53.8%

    Maximum payback period: 3 years.

    Offer to investor:

    Attraction of investments in the amount from UAH 10 million up to UAH 15 million subject to the conditions for obtaining a share in the company from 40% to 60%.

    The owner is ready to sign an agreement under which he is committed to remain the company's general director to confirm financial performance.

    Benefits of Protective Key Cover:

    • No installation and/or maintenance required
    • Cheaper than any well-known, modern anti-theft method
    • International warranty for a year starting from the date of purchase
    • Stylish and beautiful accessory
    • Sold in more than 40 car showrooms in Ukraine
    • The only available on the market way to protect against breaking into and/or car theft by relaying the radio signal of the key chip
    • Easy to operate
    • Designed, patented and manufactured in Ukraine
    • Produced of the best materials, which allows trouble-free operation for more than 2 years

    Additional project information is available upon request.



    • AMJ6
    • AMJ Beige 1
    • AMJ5
    • pkc 11 bmw (1)
    • AMJ Leather 1



    Name: Перец Александр Николаевич

    E-Mail: perets.alex@gmail.com

    Phone: +380 98 100 00 66

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