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Livestock complex in Nikolaev region

The livestock complex in the Nikolaev region is for sale
  • Type of property: Промышленная недвижимость
  • Total area: 10000 кв.м.
  • Price: $385 000
  • Total land area: 11 га
  • The land is leased for 49 years with the right of buying-out.

    Livestock complex consists of:
    1. 5 pigsties for 1500 pigs;
    2. 5 cowsheds and calf house for 400 cows or 500 calves;
    3. Preparation center, administrative building, garage and weigh house.

    The territory is fenced around the perimeter with an iron fence. Half of the territory is paved and paved with road slabs. Free land 2.5 ha.

    There is a transformer substation, 2 wells and a water tower. The gas is supplied. Currently 3 fattening buildings are running, sow house and preparation center.

    Sow house and feeders are insulated outside with a 50 mm foam, there are plastic windows. The cell is heated by gas heat generators. Other buildings are empty. The livestock today is about 700 heads.

    Subject of sale: LLC with one founder.


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