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Monopoly Producer of Chemical Raw Materials in the CIS Region

Operating Business – a Major Manufacturer of Chemical Raw Materials is offered to buy



  • Sector: Сhemical
  • Business activity: Chemical production
  • Price: $3 400 000
  • Share: 21%
  • Life period of business (years): 15
  • Turnover: 9 600 000 USD

The company is a monopoly on the CIS market, has existed for over 15 years and is successfully developing. Minimal competition – not a single new similar enterprise has appeared in 15 years.

All products are manufactured on our own equipment, under strict quality control. This approach to production ensures product quality at the highest international standards.

All specialists involved in production not only have the relevant knowledge and experience, but are also regularly instructed on new developments in the industry.

Main products:

  • Complex Stabilizers
  • Modifiers
  • Dispersants
  • Epoxyed Soybean
  • Mixed Siccatives
  • Monometal Siccatives
  • Antiseptics
  • Catalysts

Distribution of finished products in the 2019 year – 25% export, 75% Ukraine.

A sales network has been established, the company works with regular customers – the largest factories and plants (more than 100 customers).

The sale of products is fully tied to EURO and is carried out under direct contracts with the world's largest chemical companies.


  • The enterprise is located on 2 sites with a total area of almost 1 hectare. The plots are in communal ownership and are in use by Arsenal Group LLC according to lease agreements.
  • The total area of industrial buildings and structures is 1,410 sq.m.
  • The area of the new administrative building is 1,289 sq.m.
  • Warehouse area – 406.3 sq.m.
  • There are all the necessary utilities for conducting production activities


Indicator, EUR





6 290 686

7 803 801

8 220 315

Cost of sales

3 883 959

5 032 016

5 559 177

Net Sales

2 406 727

2 771 785

2 661 138

Investment attractiveness

  1. Modern production complex
  • Powerful production equipment allows us to develop several promising areas of activity at the same time.
  • Modern technological lines – achieving high performance indicators and the ability to ship products as quickly as possible
  • Own laboratory
  1. Innovative focus
  • Application of the latest production technologies – bringing to the market fundamentally new customized products for the consumer
  • Adopting the positive experience of the world's leading companies – improving production processes, quality control methods, management methods
  • Systematic research of trends on various markets – finding and introducing new products to maximize customer satisfaction
  1. Customer focus and individual approach
  • The availability of a well-adjusted accounting and information system – prevention of conflict situations: underdelivery, lack of accompanying documents
  • An individual approach to each client – a high-quality and soft transfer to a product of our own production and customization of the client's equipment, taking into account the characteristics of the supplied raw materials, allows you to strengthen relationships and build a long-term partnership
  1. Ample opportunities for diversification and growth
  • The possibility of using the current capacities of the enterprise for the production of chemical products in the Agro direction (production of fertilizers and plant protection products)
  • Increase in the nomenclature table with products for the extractive industry (production of inhibitors and agents to counteract aggressive environments during oil and gas production) and fuel and energy complex
  • Production of products according to White Label for market players of related activities

Offer for investor:

  1. 100% share – USD 16,1 mln
  2. Minority shareholders' share to buy is 21% - USD 3,4 mln



Роман Кантаровский +38 066 322 61 44

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