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5766 Realestate

Office building with available apartments

Non-residential building with a space area of 608 square meters

Property price: USD 450 000

Property designation: the building may be used as an office building, hotel, hostel, or apartments.

All the needed utilities are available and in service

Investment attractiveness is inclusive of parking area, further construction options, and transport accessibility.

The premises are located in a historic area of capital Kyiv at Podol distinct, 50 meters from a metro station. On the ground floor, there are three parking places plus three parking places in front of the building. The premises were renovated and reconstructed. The floors are made of concrete.

The building can be purchased altogether with the available furniture and equipment. There is an air-conditioning all over the building rooms, and OTIS elevator available.

In general, the building has very advantages location.     


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Name: Alexey Oleynikov

E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

Phone: +38 067 713 65 71

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