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Plant for the production of biomass pellets in Vinnytsia region

An operating plant for the production of biomass pellets "Vin-Pellet" is offered for sale
  • Sector: Сельское хозяйство
  • Business activity: Рыболовство
  • Price: $3 000 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business: 10 г.
  • Number of employees: 130 чел.
  • Location: 17 Myru str, Turbiv town, Lypovets district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

    Plant capacities:

    Initial projected capacity – 75 thousand tons per year

    Current capacity – 50 thousand tons per year

    Equipment: 2 receiving and cutting lines: made in Germany (Amandus Kahl) and Ukraine

    Number of staff: from 50 to 130 people at full projected capacity and seasonal hiring of workers

    Vin-Pellet manufactures and sells 3 main groups of products by priority:

    • Thatch pellets (80% of sales in 2019 by volume)
    • Alfalfa pellets (15% of sales in 2019 by volume)
    • Granulated material (5% of sales in 2019 by volume)

    The main sales area in 2019 is thatch litter pellets to European countries (Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Austria, Italy, Denmark). Distribution channels are developing in the countries of the Middle East (Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia). 90% of sales are exported.

    Application-specific core property:

    Machinery and equipment: 88% represented by Amandus Kahl (Germany) production line of biofuel pellets with sections for cutting, drying, crushing, granulating, cooling and separation. Includes 3 press granulators, 2 lines for receiving and cutting thatch and other equipment

    Facilities: artesian borehole, water supply and heating systems, electric networks (10kV), scales No. 1 and 2, evaporator bids, checkpoint base, treatment facilities and sewage, fire tank, fencing, fire tank, gate, waste wood and timber storage area, modular structure 6x2.5x2.5 m, raw materials storage area.

    Non-specific core property:

    Vehicles, special-purpose and agricultural equipment: automobiles (8 pcs.), AXION 850 CIS agricultural tractors (3 pcs.), Scorpion 6.05 telescopic handlers (6 pcs.), Scorpion 8.95 telescopic handlers (2 pcs.), QUADRANT 2200 Advantage balers (3 pcs.), QUADRANT 3400 Advantage balers (3 pcs.), MTZ Belarus-952 tractors (3 pcs.) and others

    Land: 1.7 ha plot on the territory of the plant

    Raw material base:

    The raw material base covers a 50-kilometer area around the plant, which includes 7 districts of Vinnytsia region – an ecologically clean region in the center of Ukraine with a potential of about 1 million tons of raw materials per year. A wide selection of suppliers of raw materials and a powerful machinery fleet of own equipment for harvesting thatch and hay allow to constantly monitor the quality and choose the best raw materials for the production of pellets for feed and  litter for livestock and poultry.

    Cleaning is done by own machinery fleet

    Product range:

    • Wheat thatch pellets for livestock and poultry litter. Diameter: 6, 8, 10 mm
    • Feed pellets made of thatch and hay. Diameter: 6, 8, 10 mm
    • Granulated materials (crushed granules flakes) for livestock and poultry litter

    Product quality:

    A Phytosanitary Certificate, a Veterinary Certificate (Health Certificate) and a Certificate of Origin are provided as a confirmation of quality.

    All the products that are exported undergo radiological control

    The total amount of investments into the project since 2010 is USD 22 million.

    Business selling price: USD 3,000,000


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    Name: Роман Кантаровский

    E-Mail: rk@inventure.ua

    Phone: +380663226144

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