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Woodworking enterprise in Chernihiv region

We offer an operating woodworking complex for sale, located in Chernihiv region, Koryukivka town


Корюковка, Черниговская область, Украина, 15301

  • Sector: Деревообработка
  • Business activity: Обработка древесины
  • Price: $1 000 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Number of employees: 45

The total area of ​​buildings and structures: 13651 sq.m., including: the area of ​​the industrial premises – 12 815 sq.m., the administrative building – 836.1 sq.m.

Land plot: 6.48 ha (rental for 49 years)

Designated purpose: 11.02 “Industrial lands for the placement and operation of main and auxiliary buildings and facilities of the processing, engineering and other industrial enterprises”

Manufacturing range: furniture board (core products), edged board, wood pellets

To date, 2 buildings are in operation: administrative and production. The production building is divided into workshops and a finished product warehouse. Part of the production building is not involved in production activities.

Estimated capacity of equipment

Based on the operation of the enterprise in 1 shift, the production line is capable of producing 120 cubic meters of furniture board (the main type of product) and 50 tons of wood pellets (made of waste pieces).

Other assets:

  • - 3 means of transportation: MAZ pull tractor, 2 auto-loaders;
  • - line for the production of furniture board;
  • - woodworking machines.


  1. Electricity: 2250 kW
  2. Water supply: a borehole
  3. Heating system: a solid fuel boiler (for industrial technological needs and for heating Permanent Accommodation Office and production areas), which uses wood waste from the production of 3 mW as fuel.
  4. Domestic sewage system, autonomous.
  5. Drainage system in the form of the offset pipes and special pools where storm sewers are allocated.
  6. The access road to the production workshop and administrative building, runs along the entire perimeter of the premises, it is paved.
  7. The facility is hedged with a sectional fence of fine steel mesh around the entire perimeter of the territory.
  8. Security: At the entrance to the territory of the facility, there is a checkpoint with the appropriate access control and territory protection. In addition, there is an agreement with the police guard service, which makes a detour of the territory twice a night.

Other: distance from residential premises is 1000 meters.

Reason for sale: non-core business for its owners.

The price is significantly reduced.

Additional information is available upon request.



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