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Investment projects and startups in Ukraine

Production of chemical reagents for the oil and gas industry

Investment project for the production of chemicals for corrosion protection of pipes and metal products in the oil and gas industry



  • Sector: Сhemical
  • Business activity: Chemical production
  • Stage: Growth or Expansion
  • Required investments: $100 000
  • Type of investment: Equity
  • Return on investment, years: 1

HIMIPEX OIL presents the proprietary novel fifth generation state-of-the-art world-level products – polyfunctional corrosion inhibitors of DEFENDER series that are completely innovative reagents with new consumer properties and the qualitative improvement of performance effectiveness in production systems. At present DEFENDER products are successfully applied for corrosion protection and removal of ARPD, mineral and other types of deposits at a number of oil-and-gas producing and processing enterprises in different countries of the world. They display their high effectiveness with very small dosages

Research and production activity of HIMIPEX OIL includes the development and implementation of high-performance innovative products and technologies for corrosion protection of metallic equipment at enterprises of oil-and-gas production, treatment, transportation, and processing, and also for the removal of paraffin, asphalt-resin-paraffin (ARPD) and mineral deposits.

The novelty of DEFENDER products is confirmed and protected by a series of patents regarding the methods of their manufacture and application as corrosion inhibitors and washing reagents. The total number of patents obtained by our staff and related to the specified subject matter amounts to 40. The total number of scientific publications is above 160.

Investor offer:

Option 1: Cooperation under contract financing

Option 2: Financial partnership secured by real estate

Option 3: Share in the capital in LLC Himipex Oil

Market research:

The primary advantage as compared to analogues consists in the fact that one DEFENDER product at the same time successfully carries out the functions of several reagents, namely:

  • Reagent for the protection of equipment from corrosion (H2S, CO2, HCl, acids H2SO4, HCl, salt dissolved in water, etc.);
  • Reagent for washing off the oil asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD);
  • Reagent for the removal of mineral deposits;
  • Reagent for the removal of coke-resin deposits;
  • Reagent for the removal of mechanical deposits (clay, sand) and products of corrosion.

 Single DEFENDER reagent with minimum dosages fed into system successfully combines and performs the functions of several above-specified reagents; this fact confirms its distinctive performance and economic advantages as compared to reagents of the similar intended use that are available at the modern world market.

The global market for corrosion inhibitors is expected to reach $ 8.7 billion. USA by 2021 from 6.9 billion dollars. The United States in 2016 increased with a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2016 to 2021.

The constant growth of the market indicates the great prospects for the introduction of new reagents for solving the problems of oil and gas companies and other industries.

Oil and gas companies want to get an effective (product package), an environmentally safe product that will help to significantly reduce the costs that they incur as a result of corrosion damage to metal.

The most interesting and major customers are oil and gas companies, therefore, the most economically viable markets of countries with large volumes of oil and gas.

Thus, the main markets include: Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Iran), North African countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt), Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India), North and South America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil), as well as other countries.

There is a huge demand for corrosion inhibitors in industries such as oil and gas, concrete, processing, water purification, power generation and metallurgy. Equipment used in these industries is subject to corrosion, and as a result, companies owning equipment suffer huge production losses each year. In addition, the exploration of shale gas, the development of power plants, the growth of construction and water purification processes will provide significant opportunities in the market for corrosion inhibitors. Many industrial machines, equipment, piping and parts used in power generation require the use of corrosion inhibitors on a regular basis to avoid corrosion damage, which is very common in these industries.

The demand for corrosion inhibitors in the pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical industries also increased significantly.  



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