InVenture presents the news block "Investment News of Ukraine and the World".

Investment news and financial news in Ukraine are divided into the following headings: a) direct investment and M&A transactions b) venture capital and startups d) public investment, finance and macroeconomics e) banks and lending e) stock market and IPO g) investment in commercial real estate.

Investment news is the main events in Ukraine and the world, which are monitored by InVenture 2020 and 2021. Also available: financial analytics, opinions and forecasts of experts in the field of investment and finance. Ukraine's investment market today and financial news for investors.

InVenture News Monitoring - the latest news in the field: finance, investment, macroeconomics, government and private capital in Ukraine and the world. The investment market today is all the financial news of the day on the topic of investment in Ukraine. Market news and events: investment, finance, startups, venture capital, venture funds, loans and the EBRD, the IMF, the World Bank and other financial institutions, the Ministry of Finance, the economy and macroeconomics.

All investment news - direct investments, portfolio investments, stocks, bonds, Eurobonds, Eurobonds, forex, stock market, blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, banks, bank loans and deposits, commercial real estate, public and private investments. Business news of large companies in Ukraine, as well as news of world companies and news of world companies. Latest investment news, events, facts, expert opinions, comments. The latest investment news today. Business news, financial news and investment events and business news in Ukraine. Analytical reviews and business analytics.

InVenture news allows you to monitor the investment market in Ukraine and the world, as well as get answers to questions. What is the best investment in 2021? What can you earn this year? Where better to invest money? Is it possible to invest safely in Ukraine? What are the most profitable areas of investment? Ukraine investments and finances. Investment news in Ukraine: direct investment, investment and M&A agreements b) venture capital and startups d) public investment, finance and macroeconomics e) banks, lending, money and credit e) stock market and IPO g) commercial real estate.