Advertising opportunities

INVENTURE INVESTMENT GROUP represents the first and the biggest specialized media publication in Ukraine, dedicated to the market of direct and venture investments.

We offer a unique and effective promotional instrument for participators of investment and finance market with:

  • Investees and business sellers;
  • Investment companies and venture funds;
  • Investment banks;
  • Investment and financial intermediary.

The instruments of promotion are:

  • InVenture investment portal;
  • InVenture investment digest ;
  • Investment communities in social networks;
  • Other advertising opportunities.


InVenture investment portal - – is the biggest investment resource in Ukraine.

Core indicators:

  • Initiation date: 2010
  • Traffic ranking > 60 000 visitors per month / more than 150 000 page views
  • Current PR / TIC: 4 / 180

Traffic ranking geography:

  • Ukraine – 80% (Kyiv – 42%. Dnipropetrovsk – 5%, Kharkov – 4%, Odessa – 4%, Donetsk – 3%)
  • Russia – 10%
  • Europe / USA – 8%
  • Kazakhstan / Belarus – 2%

The targeted audience of visitors:

  • Investors (representatives of investment companies and investment funds, private investors and business angels);
  • Business owners and private entrepreneurs;
  • Top and medium-level managers;
  • Investment project promoters and investees;
  • Other investment-active segments of people.

Advertising opportunities:

  • Distribution of investment proposal (investment project, business for sale, commercial property, land lots);
  • Distribution of topical news event / press-release / analysis findings;
  • Customized writing and distribution of information analysis article with advertisement elements;
  • Distribution of the announcement of an event ;
  • Interviewing and distribution of an interview with the participants of finance and investment market;
  • Distribution of banner ad.


InVenture investment digest - online information media product, which presents monthly review of the main events in the area of direct investments and venture capital.

All of the important information in investments sphere – inside a month – on 10 pages – in 5 minutes

It is very convenient for business people, who have limited time on press reading!

Core indicators:

  • Initiation date: November, 2012.
  • Number of subscribers as on 01.01.2018: 12 700+
  • Geography: Ukraine – 75%, CIS countries – 20%, Europe and USA – 5%
  • Issue date: on monthly basis.

Targeted audience:

  • Property owners and top and medium-level senior managers
  • Business angels, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists
  • investment bankers and senior managers of commercial banks
  • Venture funds managers
  • Asset managers
  • M&A managers and brokers.
  • Investor Relations manager
  • M&A and corporate lawyers
  • Investment and financial analysts
  • International economic organizations representatives
  • Business mass media journalists
  • Investees and start-up projects founders

Advertising opportunities:

  • Distribution of investment proposal
  • Commercial module (right advertising side of each digest page)
  • Commercial module (maximum visibility)
  • High-status partnership/ branding.


InVenture investment community – the biggest community of representatives of investment and finance market in Ukraine and CIS countries in social media.


Number of subscribers: 12 000+


Number of subscribers: 700+

Advertising opportunities:

  1. Posting in InVenture investment community
  2. Distribution of advertising cover
  3. Posting in topical communities (topics: investments, business, finance)


1) Distribution of investment proposal on topical portals and call-boards with weekly renewal.

2) Posting of investment proposal / advertisement in InVenture investment catalogue

3) Bringing the investment proposal before the participants of «Investment Mosaic»

5) Organization an holding of meetings with potential investors and industry experts as a part of "Startup Review" program cycle

6) Bringing the investment proposal before UVCA members -

7) Distribution of investment proposal / advertising material on topical financial and investment events.

8) Global image-building PR project (special terms and conditions)