"All the coworking spaces of Kyiv" guide

"All the coworking spaces of Kyiv" guide

All the coworking spaces of Kyiv in 2020. Which coworking to choose for work? Conditions and cost of renting workplaces for self-employed people

Coworking is a public space that brings people together for work, communication or events. Such a space can be rented for an hour or a day, for yourself or for a group of people.

There are meeting rooms, conference halls, workshops and other locations for work and creativity, located on the territory of coworking offices. They are popular for those who do not want to rent an office and do not want to work from home.

Platforma – space for work, ideas and creativity

Platforma in Kyiv has three locations. You may rent a workplace for a period of one month. And before that, you can test the place for free for 4 hours.

Almost all educational programs and lectures that are held on the territory of coworking are free for residents.

Platforma market

Where: 1, Bilomorska str.

How much: Lounge – $ 100/month. Open Space – $ 170/month. Private Office – $ 130/month. Prices are indicated for one workplace.

What they offer: 24/7 availability, lounges, open space, a lecture hall, meeting rooms and Skype rooms, an activity room, a two-story kitchen, a shower, unlimited tea, coffee and cookies. They promise to open their own fitness room soon, where residents will be able to receive free training several times a week, and also may visit the meditation room.

Platforma Art-Zavod

Where: 1a, Bilomorska str.

How much: Lounge – from $ 55/month. Open Space – from $ 125/month. Private Office – from $ 160/month. Prices are indicated for one workplace.

Meeting rooms from$ 9 to $ 15/hour depending on the number of people. Lecture halls from $ 20 to $ 30/hour depending on the capacity of the hall.

What they offer: 24/7 availability, lounge areas, kitchen, shower room, 10 meeting rooms, unlimited tea, coffee and cookies, zen room.

Platforma Leonardo

Where: 17/52, B. Khmelnytskyi str.

How much: Lounge – $ 150/month. Open Space – $ 250/month. Private Office – $ 290/month. Prices are indicated for one workplace.

Meeting rooms from $ 10 to $ 25/hour depending on the number of people. Lecture hall with 120 seats – $ 80/hour.

What they offer: 24/7 accessibility, lounge areas, kitchen, shower room, 7 meeting rooms, unlimited tea, coffee and cookies.

HUB 4.0 coworking

Where: 1/3, Yaroslavskyi alley

How much: Coworking – UAH 6.5 thousand for workplace per month. Smart office for 8 workplaces – UAH 45 thousand per month. Smart office for 4 workplaces – UAH 17.5 thousand per month.

Educational class – UAH 4 thousand per month for one place. Cospace – UAH 60/first hour, UAH 40/subsequent hours, UAH 300/day.

What they offer: 24/7 accessibility, educational center, 5 closed coworking spaces, cospace, gallery of Ukrainian innovations.

As well as 4 equipped conference rooms, a conference service, a specially equipped room for practical master classes and workshops, 2 closed smart offices, 2 floors of space for working with flexible workplaces, closed meeting rooms, Skype rooms, a summer terrace.

This year they promise the opening of HUB 4.0_CAMPUS at 14, Nyzhnyoklyuchova street. At the new location there should be 22 smart offices, meeting rooms and Skype rooms, open space and a lot of social space.

There will be available "Business" and "Premium" packages for rent. They will include unlimited Internet, water, coffee, parking, internal meeting rooms, executive offices and mini-terraces, kitchens, showers, a gym, a relaxation and sleep area, video surveillance, security, cleaning and other services.

Creative States

A chain of business spaces, which was opened in March 2019. Today, Creative States has 2 locations with 700 workplaces in total. The third space, with a total area of ​​3800 sq. m., is being prepared for opening on the territory of the Arsenal plant.

Creative State of Senator

Where: Business Center "Senator", 32/2, Moskovska str.

How much: from $ 250/month for 1 workplace.

Creative State of Gulliver

Where: Business Center "Gulliver", Tower A. 1a, Sportyvna Sq.

How much: from $ 270/month for 1 workplace.

What they offer: fully equipped offices are available for teams from 1 to 40 people. In addition to offices, large lounges with a bar, meeting rooms, skype rooms, an event area, and a kitchen are available.

Residents have access to office utilities, concierge services, financial and legal services, recruiting, and affiliate programs.

Smart coworking SAD

Where: 3, O. Dovzhenko str.

How much: Open Space: hour – UAH 50/40. Working day/day off – 150/99 UAH. Month – UAH 2 thousand. Week – UAH 900.

Smart Office – from UAH 9.9 thousand per month. Conference hall – from UAH 400 to 500/hour depending on the number of people. Meeting room – UAH 200-450/hour.

What they offer: 2 open space, smart office with a capacity of 4 people, lounge area, free coffee, tea, cookies, parking for cars and bicycles, meeting rooms, a conference room, video surveillance.

There are also accounting and legal consulting services, notarial services, business and TM registration, SEO optimization services, online English courses available.


Where: two coworking spaces – bldg. 6A /21, 13, M. Pymonenko str, and 8-9 floor, 15, Kyrylivska str. The opening of the third location will take place at 9b, Hrushevskyi str.

How much: from UAH 5 to UAH 6.8 thousand for workplace per month. There is a card for 40 hours with flexible workplace. Its price is UAH 3199. That is, you can buy 40 hours and use them as you like, per month.

What they offer: 24/7 accessibility, lounge areas, kitchen, offices for different numbers of people, open-space, soundproof meeting and skype rooms, left-luggage office, shower room, video surveillance and external security, outdoor terrace, barbecue area for events, parking.

There are also auxiliary in-house systems, such as: hr-help (assistance in selecting a specialist), assistance in conducting events, internal networking. special tceh cards are available for residents, with a help of which you can work in coworking located in the UK, USA and the United Arab Emirates.


Space has three locations. Two of them located  in Gulliver business center and one – in Astarta business center.

Where: 1A, Sportyvna Sq and 58, Yaroslavska str.

How much: a place in the lounge from $ 250, an office – from $ 360, an office for teams consisting of over 30 people – from $ 500.

What they offer: a lounge, coworking space, offices for different numbers of people, a conference room, meeting rooms, devices for making tea, coffee.

As well as auxiliary services: concierge service, system administration and IT support, recruiting, legal support, business consulting, accounting and tax reporting, office management.

Anthill Space

Where: 7, M. Vasylenko str.

How much: Any free space in the total space costs $ 130/month per person. Fixed – from $ 195. Office – from $ 270/month per person.

What they offer: open space, offices, conference room, kitchen, shower room, meeting rooms, professional photo and video studio, lounges, sleeping rooms, game zones. Soundproofed and air-conditioned spaces. As well as skype rooms and a bar.

Services are provided for solving economic, legal, organizational issues of startups and projects.

Blockchain Hub

A specialized hub that combines Crypto and DLT ideas, projects and teams.

Where: 10, Verkhnyi val str.

How much: a workplace from UAH 350/day or from UAH 5 thousand/month. Office of a closed type rent (private office) – $ 2.5 – $ 3.5 thousand/month.

The cost of renting a conference room: for permanent residents of the hub: UAH 2.2 thousand/hour; for non-residents of the hub: UAH 3 thousand/hour.

What they offer: 50 workplaces in the coworking zone, 4 private-office for work teams (from 4 to 20 seats), a conference room for 85 people, two meeting rooms, skype-rooms, lounge zone.

New Work Labs Globus

This coworking is a part of New Work Serviced Offices international chain with 12 locations in Eastern Europe.

Where: 3rd floor, GLOBUS 2, 2a, Instytutska str.

How much: 4 hours – UAH 240, one day – UAH 360, 8 days – UAH 2 thousand, 13 days – UAH 2690, month – UAH 4040.

What they offer: 24/7 accessibility, coworking space, a kitchen and a coffee bar, skype rooms, offices for 2-10 people, meeting rooms and a conference room for up to 50 people, an event area, a relaxation area.


Where: City Zen Park business center, 1, Sumska str.

How much: day – from UAH 300, a week – from UAH 1200, a month – from UAH 4 thousand, three months – UAH 3900/month. The use card for 6 months – UAH 3800/month, for a year – UAH 3600/month.

Meeting rooms from UAH 250/hour and from UAH 2500/day. Offices up to 25 people – from UAH 1.5 thousand/month to UAH 4600 thousand/month depending on the rental term.

What they offer: open-space, lounge-zone for relaxing and informal meeting, cleaning, parking, security, meeting rooms, skype rooms, an activity area.

Private Office for a team of up to 25 people. 24/7 availability, seat fixation, discount programs and participation in events. Universal hall for conferences, workshops and events for up to 100 people.

# PeremogaSpace

Where: 62, Shevchenko boulevard and 36-D, Konovalets str.

How much: the first hour – UAH 43, all the next – UAH 33. Day – UAH 160. Month – UAH 3300. Meeting rooms from UAH 400. Conference halls from UAH 1 thousand/hour. Offices – $ 1250-6500 per month (from 5 to 30 workplaces).

What they offer: 24/7 accessibility, recreation and entertainment areas, halls for events for 50-150 people, a kitchen, a shower room. Workplaces in open spaces and "own offices."

Meeting rooms with a monitor for broadcasts, recording surfaces, a possibility of organizing space upon individual requirements.

Zelenka – coworking with children

Where: 11/1, Yaroslaviv val str.

How much: an hour with parents – UAH 100, without parents – UAH 150. The use card for 10 hours – UAH 800, for 15 hours – UAH 1200.

What they offer: workplaces with tablets, meeting rooms, recreation areas and areas for children with developing activities and entertainment. There is a kitchen with free tea, coffee, cookies.

At this location, parents may be either with the child, or send him/her to the play space to work and solve own issues. There is a moderator of children's games in coworking.

Zelenka regularly holds classes on female gymnastics, photo-skill courses, business breakfasts with successful mothers who work, beauty days.


Where: 1b, V. Getman str., 5, Zhylyanska str. and 32c, Esplanadna str.

How much: workplaces from UAH 2500/month. Mini-offices – from UAH 6 thousand/month. Conference halls – from UAH 500/hour. Space for lectures, seminars – from UAH 300/hour.

What they offer: a workspace in the common room, a separate office or several isolated rooms nearby for the team. Meeting rooms, kitchen with free tea, coffee and cookies, chill out zones.

You may rent a workplace or office for an hour, located near Shuliavska and Olimpiyska metro stations. Mini-offices – from UAH 300/hour, workplace – from UAH 140 per day.


Where: 24, Heroiv Stalinhrada str. and 2, Raisa Okypna str.

How much: workplaces from UAH 40/hour, UAH 190/day, from UAH 2650/month. Meeting rooms – UAH 200/hour.

What they offer: Open Space, lockers, a kitchen with free tea, coffee, cookies, a meeting room for up to 10 people, a library. The rental price also includes the work of administrators, office security and cleaning.

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