How IT-Enterprise implements the solutions to avoid the failure to deliver orders for world-leading aircraft manufacturers

How IT-Enterprise implements the solutions to avoid the failure to deliver orders for world-leading aircraft manufacturers

Ukrainian IT-Enterprise implemented hi-tech solutions for world-leading aircraft manufacturers

The project "Boosting local traditional industries with IT capacities" is implementing by TechUkraine in partnership with APPAU – Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, International Association Culture&Creativity Association with the financial support of the German government through GIZ that aims to increase the competitiveness of traditional industries in strong collaboration with Ukrainian IT companies.

Ukrainian IT-Enterprise is a market leader in implementing solutions for medium and large enterprises. Over 30 years, the company implemented over 800 projects gaining considerable experience in 26 business areas. With 350 top-notch professionals, IT-Enterprise offers a powerful tool for reengineering and business processes optimization: full-featured ERP, MRPII, MES, APS, EAM, SCM, CRM system that covers all aspects of an enterprise or group of businesses.

The company provides 3 steps while implementing the solutions:

  • Enterprise express diagnostics
  • Business processes reengineering and automation
  • Support and improvement of the project

Thanks to comprehensive tech experience and engineering competencies, IT-Enterprise solves complex challenges in a wide range of industries, for example:

  • Production – production growth by up to 60%, reducing product release terms by up to 25%.
  • R&D – reducing the preparation cycle for design-engineering documents by 40-60 %, reducing time to amend the design-engineering documents, and bringing those to the key units by 40%.
  • Procurements and logistics – increasing procurements efficiency by 20%, reducing stock inventory by 25%, reducing material costs by 20% provided a timely goods and materials supply
  • Expenses and controlling – reducing the deviation between the actual and planned prime cost, tolerance up to 30%

What was the challenge?

Modern mechanical processing enterprise “FED” plant produces complex modules for the aerospace enterprises. Customers of the company are international specialized manufacturing companies. Despite the competition in the niche, Ukrainian enterprise has the advantage – high quality of products.

In the agreed terms and volumes, customers want to receive high-quality products produced according to the technological process and at the lowest possible price.

To retain leadership in such difficult circumstances, the company undergoes continuous manufacturing processes, investing in the acquisition of new equipment, training plant personnel, and developing an enterprise management system.

What is the solution?

One of the ways to maintain the high quality of the enterprise’s work is to minimize the non-compliance with deadlines of the production orders. This task was solved at the “FED” plant using the tools of an integrated ERP system IT-Enterprise.

  • With the help of the ERP system, the company optimized the operative equipment load (optimal MES planning) and implemented a search for “bottlenecks” using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.
  • Thanks to the IT-Enterprise ERP system implementation, and more specifically, the operational production planning modules, the “FED” specialists revealed a “bottleneck” that they did not expect. 
  • The MES-planning system identified a “bottleneck” and undertook activities to eliminate it. Dates of orders were moved, taking into account the priorities of the plant, new equipment purchases were planned, personnel reserves to maintain the smooth operation of the site were formed.
  • With the help of the MES-planning module, the company organized a regular analysis of the production program in order to find new “bottlenecks” in production.

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