The best business ideas 2023 to start a business

The best business ideas 2023 to start a business

Actual business ideas for 2023. What business to open in 2023 in Ukraine, what business idea will shoot this year? Rating of business ideas - the best business ideas. Business ideas Ukraine.

Starting your own business and successfully implementing your business idea in Ukraine during the war is not an easy task. However, in business, success comes only to proactive entrepreneurs who take risks at any time and do not blame their failures on difficult legislation, high taxes, a pandemic, or limited start-up capital.

As a rule, the key to success in the implementation of many business ideas was: innovation, quality service, continuous improvement of your product and competent marketing.

The situation in many markets today is changing significantly, many traditional and once profitable businesses in Ukraine are now burrowing, and this is an excellent opportunity to delve into the analysis, find a "live" industry niche and launch new and non-standard business ideas.

Rating TOP-100 business ideas 2023 for starting your own business in Ukraine
Every business starts with a business idea. Take the time to find a business idea that motivates you to create and fulfill yourself.

Business idea # 1. Call center for lead generation

The essence of this business is that you need to organize a team of sales managers who can work remotely, sitting at home.

Of the benefits: 1) no need for large expenses. The remote office is free, you don't have to pay rent; 2) demand - since the number of enterprises operating via the Internet is growing regularly, lead generation is becoming more and more in demand.

Business idea # 2. Online comment service

Many people need smart commentators. For example, they are often hired to revive "silent" topics on forums or to draw attention to individual blog posts - in such cases it will be necessary not only to write short texts, but also often to respond to yourself or other participants. By completing a simple task, the essence of which is to add your comments, questions, or likes to articles / posts / pages on the Internet, you can get money while sitting at home on the couch.

Business idea # 3. Making eco-toys from wood at home

In our time, home craft, the manufacture of various products at home, is still considered relevant. If you are a person who is not deprived of talent and likes to create small and large masterpieces with your hands, then you can think about creating a toy business using wood as the main material. As a rule, there will not be much investment in such a business due to the affordable price of a tree. You may only have to spend money on tools for processing a wood surface. Such toys can be made to order or sold in a small and diverse number, and sold on trading floors or set up a trading page on a social network, for example, on Instagram.

Business idea # 4. Street food in the form of a van (food truck) / Street Food

In other words, a "street food" or customer service outlet that provides prepared food. This idea was born a long time ago, but in the CIS countries it is not yet too developed. It cannot be said that Street Foods cannot be found on the streets in Ukraine, but there are still a small number of them, which means that the competition is not high. For implementation, you will need a van with equipment designed for cooking. Of the staff, one or two cooks are almost always enough, no more. It is very beneficial to use such containers for serving ready meals so that the buyer can start eating the dish as quickly as possible.

Business idea # 5. IT camp (children's camp with an emphasis on IT education)

The idea of creating computer camps was born quite recently and has already won great recognition. It should be noted right away that this is not a standard camp, the way we used to imagine it. This option is more like a training course. The organization of the business is very simple: several specialists in the field of programming or modeling are hired, and you will also need a room (or several) equipped with computer equipment, not necessarily expensive. Advertising is spreading around the city that a children's IT camp is opening for the summer. The child in the camp learns the basics of programming, works with image processing, and learns 3D modeling.

Business idea # 6. Rental of wedding and evening dresses

Agree, far everyone can afford to buy an expensive wedding or evening dress for any event. Given the current prices for high-quality and beautiful clothes, many are thinking about just renting the right little thing for the evening and saving a large amount of money. That is why the creation of such a service is a very profitable option, since there is a great demand. To implement the idea, it is not necessary to buy all the expensive dresses in the city. Start with used items, buy them online and restore them. You will also need a place and some equipment to put things in order. With further development and making good profits, it will be possible to think about buying branded dresses.

Business idea # 7. Helium balloons for celebrations

Try to imagine a festive event, especially for children, without helium balloons. Very difficult, right? And for good reason, because this topic will always be relevant. Therefore, organizing a service for inflating and delivering such balloons is a great option for business. The advantage is that you do not need to rent a room. All you need is to buy in bulk a variety of balloons, different sizes and shapes, as well as helium balloons.

Business idea # 8. Cryptocurrency mining farm

The topic of cryptocurrencies is still relevant today. Crypto is a digital currency and one of the most popular ways to get it is a mining farm. In order to organize this kind of business, you will need the appropriate knowledge and basic skills in working with PCs and computer parts. First you need to study in detail the most profitable cryptocurrencies at the moment and decide which one you want to start mining (mining). The main elements in a mining farm are video cards (usually quite powerful). It is on them that the main costs will go. The best option would be to consult a specialist who will tell you how to build a farm, which services to register for work, how to withdraw earnings, etc.

Business idea # 9. Cleaning service

To start such a business, in fact, no investment is needed. Elementary tools and safe chemicals are essential for this job. You can place ads on the most popular and free bulletin boards, for example, on OLKh, Klumba, Kidstaff, Klubka.

Bachelors, busy businessmen and businesswomen, elderly people will certainly want to use this kind of service.

Although this idea makes many people smile, meanwhile it is very promising. Over time, you can create your own website with the proposed services, and at the same time start selling cleaning equipment and household products.

Another direction of the company's development is to increase the number of services provided, for example, along with cleaning, also offer customers the services of an electrician, plumbing, water delivery and garbage disposal.

To get your regular customers, it is important to pay more attention to the wishes of customers, to do your job diligently.

Business idea # 10. Tailoring to order

Women and girls who know how and love to sew can make good money in this business. If there are not many customers at first, then you can start by sewing several universal goods. Examples include: baby blankets, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc.

Another interesting option is bags for gifts or toys. If you choose several different options for colors, materials, this will increase the chances of a quick sale of products, because customers will have plenty to choose from.

Having coped with such work, it will be possible to move on to more expensive offers, in particular: women's dresses and outerwear. For exclusive custom-made clothes, people are often willing to pay a very high price.

To get started, you will need a simple but durable sewing machine. On trading Internet sites, second-hand professional sewing equipment can be purchased for only 6-8 thousand hryvnias. Of course, you will still need to buy material, threads, and also work on making patterns.

Business idea # 11. Beauty salon for dogs (grooming salon)

It is much easier to please your furry customers than people. The main thing in this business is to have a sense of style, understand the breeds of animals and love your job.

To start, you need very little investment: money for hairdressing tools and supplies, a couch for animals.

The salon for animals has every chance of developing in large cities with a population of 300-400 thousand people.

Having “acquired” your base of regular customers, you should think about expanding the institution and renting a large room.

Business idea # 12. Interior design for an apartment or office

More and more ordinary users are interested in designer products and repairs. Such a business is suitable for creative people who know how to fantasize, successfully combine various objects, colors and materials.

To work, you will need a computer and special design programs installed on it to simulate various options for arranging a room. Clients can be sought both among ordinary citizens and among the owners of offices, commercial establishments - restaurants, schools, cafes, etc.

Alternatively, you can try to negotiate with developers, owners of hardware stores to provide design services.

Business idea # 13. Electronics repair

It is very convenient to repair computers and mobile devices at home. Unlike specialists who repair household appliances, you do not need to travel to the client.

As for customers, they will definitely be, because in our time there are 2-3 electronic devices for each user. If you trust the statistics of TNS Infratest, back in 2016, among people under the age of 32, more than 72% are active tablet users.

Broken glass, frequent reboots of the device, no picture or sound, inability to connect to the Internet are common gadget malfunctions. Of course, it is much more profitable to pay 300-900 hryvnia for repairs than to buy new devices.

Without a doubt, whoever chooses such an employment option for themselves will not know what an economic crisis is.

Business idea # 14. Cosmetics production (homemade cosmetics)

Frequent discussions about the environmental friendliness of detergents and cosmetics, as well as the disappointing results of a study of the impact of certain women's products (spray lacquer, gel polish, etc.), force more money to be spent on high-quality, and most importantly, safe cosmetics.

Soap making will be the easiest and most successful option for starting. As noted by entrepreneurs who have already managed to earn good capital on this, only 200-500 hryvnias will go to natural ingredients. There are a lot of recipes for making detergent on the net.

Business idea # 15. Hand-made products

No less interesting and profitable work is making things with your own hands. In Europe and the USA, even for a small felt toy made by human hands, buyers are willing to pay several hundred, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Such a thing - safe and unique - these are its main advantages.

Answering the question, what to produce, it is worth saying: what you know best. The product must be original and of high quality. As an option - ceramic vases, embroidered Christmas tree toys, knitted socks, beaded earrings, wooden coasters for cups, etc.

Success will come with creativity. Buyers are ready to buy even an item that is not very necessary if it is trendy. It is worth asking: which cartoon and movie characters are the most popular, which football teams have the most fans, and which performers gather entire stadiums. The use of actual images, inscriptions will provide products with a quick sale.

Business idea # 16. Guided tours

If you live in a big city or a city with a deep history, then you can make money with fascinating stories. You can start with tourist assistance services. Arriving in a foreign city, it is difficult to immediately find your bearings: where to go, where to eat and spend the night. An assistant in these matters will definitely not be superfluous.

You can also develop your current and non-standard excursion program. It is better to look for clients among travel companies, because they can provide you with large groups of tourists.

Advertising on social networks, on thematic forums, especially during the seasonal period, will not hurt either.

Business idea # 17. Real estate agent

Persons with an analytical mindset and economic education will be able to realize themselves in the real estate industry. You can easily become a personal sales and purchase agent if you learn to monitor the market, understand the cost of housing and land plots in different areas of your city.

As the experience of many agencies shows, it is possible to develop your own permanent client base in this niche, but only under the condition of diligence and decency.

Renting out your home means getting monthly payments effortlessly. Therefore, virtually all owners of uninhabited apartments are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. You can also earn decently on this, and with virtually no investment.

Business idea # 18. Animal furniture

A profitable home business for men is making pet houses. More and more network applicants, if you trust the statistics of search engines, are interested in such products.

In order for the “things to go” better, you first need to analyze the products of competitors, find out as much as possible about the animals for which the furniture is offered, as well as the expectations of the target audience. The demand remains constant for: dog kennels, rags and houses for cats, bird cages. By approaching your work with imagination, you will be able to create unique products, get ahead of competitors and satisfy the needs of all your customers.

Business idea # 19. Sweets production at home

Both children and adults are always ready to treat themselves to something sweet. Meanwhile, there are very few healthy and natural sweets on the market. By showing your potential customers a video or photo report of the process of making sweets or chocolate, you will definitely be able to increase your credibility in their eyes, and, accordingly, quickly sell out the first batch. You can get regular customers only if the offered products turn out to be useful, beautiful, tasty and appetizing.

You don't need to spend too much to get started. Forms and basic food ingredients are the most important elements of production. For professional development, a variety of confectionery courses and master classes will be appropriate.

Business idea # 20. Development, content and promotion of sites (digital outsourcing)

This is a new, but very promising area of Internet work. In fact, it involves the performance of various tasks related to the development, content and promotion of the site, as well as advertising companies and products online. To begin with, it is better to carefully study one area, for example: graphic design, SEO strategy, contextual advertising, copywriting, etc.

Don't wait for clients to come to you. It is better to actively monitor existing sites and offer administrators promotion, the best design or high-quality texts (in a word, what you already know well). Over time, you will need to hire additional assistants.

Business idea # 21. Making unusual bouquets

Hoping to find interesting gifts for an anniversary, career growth, birthday or other holidays, more and more Ukrainians stop at buying original bouquets. They can be created from any food, fruits and sweets.

Every girl and woman will certainly want to receive as a gift a magical bouquet of chocolates or fresh grapes, juicy oranges. The best gift for all occasions for men will be sets with alcoholic (mini-bottles or bottles of cognac, vodka, whiskey, etc.) or low-alcohol (beer) drinks, in addition to delicious dried sausages, elite types of cheeses or sea delicacies.

In this case, it is important to be responsible for your goods (buy only fresh products, and also keep the receipt). And, of course, you can not do without imagination and creativity!

Business idea # 22. Photo editing: an opportunity to earn money without investment

Knowing how to work with at least one photo editor, you can offer a photo processing service. Women and girls aged 14-35 are the main target audience in such a business. Add volume to hair or remove red eyes, or hide stains on clothes, skin imperfections - the main requests for photo editors.

It is better to set the price fixed and low to begin with. Having “filled your hand” and having learned how to work with different clients, requests and programs, you can start increasing your business, for example, offering printing of photo books, buying photo products, albums, etc.

Business idea #  23. Delivery of healthy sweets

The topic of healthy and proper nutrition worries many. If we talk about sweets, then this is probably something that is very difficult to resist, even if you are on a diet. Dispel all doubts that sweets cannot be healthy and tasty at the same time. To be more specific, we mean chia puddings, raw food sweets, eco-ice cream, etc. There are a lot of healthy sweet food recipes today. This means that an excellent option would be to organize a service for the manufacture and delivery of such sweets. You can do this at home, as the preparation is extremely simple, and the cost will only go to the packaging and ingredients. For delivery to other cities, use the mail. Internet activities, creating social media accounts or a website to promote a business will help a lot.

Business idea # 24. Gift wrapping

We all love surprises and gifts, especially if they are beautifully packaged, but it is not always possible to create such beauty with our own hands. In this situation, retail outlets involved in gift wrapping are saving. Organizing this is very easy. It will require the purchase of various types of special paper and a place for placement (often they rent places in shopping centers, supermarkets, etc.). If you have the appropriate skills, you can start working on your own. Later, hire employees and deal only with documentation and promotion.

Business idea # 25. Salt rooms (salt caves)

A great option for creating your own passive business is the implementation of a salt room. For such an idea, you do not need knowledge of specific nuances, professional skills, experience, or the availability of highly complex and expensive equipment. Moreover, you do not need permission from the authorities to create a salt cave, which is important. The essence of using such a room is simple: for clients suffering from sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, high blood pressure, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, neuroses and other diseases, doctors often recommend visiting salt caves in order to breathe air saturated with microminerals.

Business idea # 26. Beauty studio (beauty salons)

A beauty studio is a specialized salon that provides various cosmetic services to update your appearance. It can be modern hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, make-ups and many others. Opening a beauty salon is a very attractive option for creating a business for many, and the competition in this area will be serious. In such a situation, it will be necessary to take into account many factors, starting with the location (size of the settlement), ending with the quality of equipment and service in the studio, attractive design, etc.

Business idea # 27. mini bakery

If you are just crossing the threshold into the world of business, you should start with something small and a mini-bakery would be a good option in this situation. To date, in our country, this type of small business is quite popularized. This is due to the fact that bakery products are in crazy demand in any locality. Despite the high competition in this area of ​​activity, you still need to try to “burn out” (no matter how ironic it may sound) in creating a mini-bakery.

Business idea # 28. Social media business

To organize a business in any social network, you will need a merchant account. First of all, you need to decide on a niche, evaluate competitors, draw up a business plan for the development, promotion and promotion of your account. Initially, keep in mind that each social network has its own strict requirements and rules, for violation of which pages are blocked (sometimes forever). Therefore, before creating a trading account, read all the rules. If you want to start a trading business, Instagram is perfect for you. For development, you will need a live audience, so you can not do without advertising. Fortunately, each social network provides the opportunity to advertise your account for a fee. In order to get around competitors, try to attract customers with constant drawings, contests, promotions, pleasant bonuses and discounts. Constantly update the assortment and follow the market.

Business idea # 29. iPhone Refurbishment Business

“Apple addiction” infects more and more people every day. Every second phone dreams of getting this phone, which came from the west, and this is a great opportunity to organize a business on restored models. For those who don't know the meaning of the word "refurbished" - this means that the phone has already been used by someone, but was transferred back to Apple for some reason. According to statistics collected by sites that place private ads (Avito, OLX, etc.), the iPhone is bought most often. To start this activity, you will need a wholesale purchase of restored models. Try to think over a sales strategy right away. Keep in mind that the competition in this area is very tough. Be sure to use social networks for promotion and advertising of business.

Business idea # 30. Production of eco-friendly furniture from pallets

Given the amount of variation in the furniture manufacturing business, it's hard to surprise anyone with something new these days. However, the idea of making furniture from pallets and pallets is considered a practically unoccupied niche, which means that a beginner will not have many competitors in such an activity. Handling wooden pallets is not an easy task, so you will need a woodworking specialist to set up a business. You will also need a room to create a small production workshop with a special tool for processing wooden surfaces. Thus, you can open a service for the manufacture of furniture from pallets to order, and to realize sales, start by promoting the company on the Internet, create a website or a page on a social network.

Business idea # 31. Vine basket weaving

Now basket weaving is more perceived as creativity. In the modern world, wickerwork is not very necessary in everyday life, but is valued as handmade. Weaving from a vine can be learned by anyone who has patience, perseverance and, of course, desire.

When you have made several baskets, think over the distribution channels for the products. You can sell your products through ads placed in newspapers or on the Internet. Create your website and take advantage of online advertising opportunities. The first works can be realized through friends and relatives - these can also be gifts. If the products are made with high quality, word of mouth will work. When there are a lot of baskets, try to negotiate with stores to sell products. You can sell baskets at exhibitions and / or fairs.

Business idea # 32. Business pottery and pottery

Before you plunge headlong into business, ideally you have to become a potter, at least - to master the skills of pottery. Even if you plan to be only an organizer, you need to know the technology well and have a good idea of the whole process of making clay products. Clay is found everywhere. In its raw form, it happens: white, gray, blue, green, black, brown, yellow, red. Experienced craftsmen most often use red clay. Search for distribution channels. Where you can donate clay products: to various shops and souvenir shops, open your own shop at a pottery workshop, create a website and sell goods via the Internet.

Business idea # 33. Dog training

Today, the issue of dog training is relevant for many owners, because everyone wants to have not a wild animal that obeys its own instincts, but a calm pet. Of course, those who are going to train dogs need special skills and knowledge on this issue. In addition, it will be important for clients if the person they trust with their pet has certificates confirming their training skills. Therefore, it is imperative to complete the courses of dog trainers. How to find clients for dog training courses? This service is specific, so it does not need advertising. Enough to report it to the club

Business idea # 34. Production and sale of aquariums

Aquariums have become integral interior elements not only in residential premises, but also in offices, shops, medical institutions, etc. Demand for aquariums remains high even during periods of economic crisis. Multi-million investments are not needed to implement such a project. Such products can be made using the frame method. In this case, the body is first assembled from steel, then the bottom, rear and front walls are inserted into the structure. For the production of aquariums, special equipment is needed, in particular: mounting tables, mounting gun, glass cutting machine, knives, edge grinding tools, etc. The market value of products will depend on their functionality, appearance and volume. As a rule, the margin for such products is 40-50%.

Business idea # 35. Wedding bouquets from money

Probably, many people know the saying that the best gift is money. Let some disagree with this opinion, but still such a gift is successful both for a wedding and for an anniversary. In order for buyers to have an idea about the product you offer, it is worth taking a photo of samples from counterfeit banknotes. This type of earnings, most likely, cannot be called very profitable, but it is perfect as a part-time job.

Business idea # 36. Production of leather belts

Leather belts are indispensable accessories that can complete the look in almost any style (business, casual, etc.). The demand for such products is always high. If we start from the average indicators of an enterprise that monthly produces and sells finished products in the amount of 20 thousand dollars, then in this case, the company earns about 4-5 thousand dollars per month (net profit).

Business idea # 37. Tailoring of sleeping bags

Fans of extreme sports cannot do without sleeping bags. Cheap Chinese-made products often do not meet the needs of consumers due to the low wear resistance of the material. In this regard, the production of sleeping bags in the middle price range can be considered a promising idea for small businesses.

Business idea # 38. Provision of tool sharpening services

Almost every day, new manicure and pedicure salons, as well as hairdressers appear in large cities - these are potential clients of this business idea.

Business idea # 39. Making homemade wine

The taste of such products cannot be compared with the usual wine drinks that are sold in the store and making homemade wine is a great idea to start your own business. The consumer cost of such products can be set at around UAH 150 per liter.

Business idea # 40. T-shirts with prints

At the moment, clothes with unique phrases, images or abstractions are very popular, especially among young people. Many couples in love order T-shirts with interlocking slogans. The first step for starting a business will be the purchase of special equipment that prints on clothes. This will be the main cost. You will also need T-shirts (without prints), which are better to buy in bulk right away. There are now many offers on the Internet for buying starter kits for printing on various fabrics at competitive prices. By purchasing this set, you can immediately get down to business. In addition, you will need basic skills in image editing software. If these are not available, you can hire a specialist. To implement sales, you can use Instagram, Viber, Telegram.

Business idea # 41 Making silicone baits

A promising business idea that can be easily started at home is the manufacture of silicone baits. Such products are in great demand among fishermen due to their low cost. For the manufacture of artificial baits from silicone with your own hands, an initial capital of 7 thousand UAH is enough. These funds will be used to purchase consumables. The businessman needs to ensure that the molten material remains in a fluid state for as long as possible. To do this, after melting, you need to additionally hold the silicone in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. At a later stage, the entrepreneur will need to pour the molten silicone into special molds that are made of gypsum. You can also make them yourself. To do this, gypsum must be diluted to the consistency of liquid sour cream, and then poured into a cardboard form. The final step in the manufacture of baits is pouring silicone into plaster. It usually freezes after an hour and a half. After that, silicone baits can be removed.

Business idea # 42 Production of car mats

It is no secret that the number of cars is growing every year. Accordingly, the demand for spare parts and accessories for passenger cars is increasing. At the initial stage, it is possible to organize a mini-workshop for tailoring textile car mats in the conditions of your own apartment. If the number of orders increases, it will be possible to think about renting a separate room. For tailoring high-quality textile car mats, you need to use a rubberized carpet.

Business idea # 43 Making magnetic business cards

Magnetic business cards are a modern marketing tool, the use of which allows you to quickly build a loyal customer base and this is a great new business idea. To make magnetic business cards, an entrepreneur will not need to spend money on renting a room. Orders can be made at home. To manufacture magnetic business cards at a professional level, an entrepreneur will need to purchase a 3D printer. This will allow you to implement any ideas and develop interesting design options.

Business idea # 44 Promotional soap production

Soap is not only an essential product that is in every home, but also an excellent carrier of advertising information and a good business idea. Unlike ordinary printed products, soap with a logo remains with potential consumers for a long time and is used for its intended purpose. In addition, you should purchase a special pan (the volume depends on the scale of the activity). Pour the soap base into the pan and add other ingredients (depending on the type of product and the wishes of the customer). After that, the mixture is boiled and poured into molds, in which key chains with the customer's company logo are first placed.

Business idea # 45 Reception of glass containers

First, we make a decision whether you will work directly yourself or through an intermediary. If we ourselves, then we are first looking for factories and plants that accept glass containers. If through an intermediary, then this is his headache. You will only have to hand over the container, and transport and sales points for recyclables.

Business idea # 46 Cooking sushi and rolls at home

On the preparation of sushi and rolls, you can build a profitable home business. Of course, to achieve success in this endeavor, you must have certain culinary abilities and skills. The implementation of such a business idea for a home business can be done by housewives or mothers on maternity leave who love to cook. You can involve acquaintances who work in restaurants and are fluent in the art of preparing this dish to participate in such a business.

Business idea # 47. Glowing cotton candy

Often, the higher the competition, the more progressive solutions are born, one of which in 2019 was the amazing cotton candy that glows. Naturally, the novelty made a splash and was sold at a crazy speed. This option, unfortunately, is considered a seasonal business for entrepreneurs. Resort towns are well suited for implementation, where crowds of people come every summer and go out for evening walks. The trick of such cotton wool, of course, is not in some secret ingredient added during production. Just cotton wool is wound on LED sticks and at the same time it turns out multi-colored. To start such a business, you will need a cotton candy plant and a lot of glow sticks. You also need a place, a point of sale for sale.

Business idea # 48. Printing toys on a 3D printer

3D printing has been greatly popularized in recent years and, of course, has not bypassed the creation of children's toys. Their main feature is environmental friendliness. In order to start making money in this area, you will need a special Toybox 3D printer, which will bring many ideas to life, and image editing skills. It will be enough just to organize a service at home, start making various models and sell them via the Internet. The cost will be spent only on the purchase of a printer. For promotion, you can create a website where the user can choose which particular toy to create to order.

Business idea # 49. Games in virtual reality glasses (VR glasses)

The gaming industry is developing very quickly, and virtual reality has already become something commonplace, however, given the cost of good VR glasses, it is safe to say that not everyone can afford such pleasure. To organize a business on VR glasses, you will first need to purchase such a device, preferably several. And then it's up to you. Or start with a simple rental of glasses, for example, for various events. You can also open a special institution where you can conduct "flight sessions" in virtual reality.

Business idea # 50. Grape snails

As you know, snails are considered an unusual delicacy, which few people have tried in their lives. Tender snail meat is in unprecedented demand in the restaurant business and in medicine. Why do catering establishments need them, so, it’s clear. In medicine, snails are used to develop various drugs, in most cases, rejuvenating the skin. To start making money on grape snails, you will need to create an eco-farm. For this, a summer cottage is perfect. It will take a wholesale purchase of snails and special feed, and then a matter of technology. It is worth noting that at market value, one mature snail can be sold for 3-4 dollars.

Business idea # 51. Rental of gyroboards

Probably everyone already knows perfectly well what a gyroboard is. Many children and adults dream of such a device. Given that gyroboards are produced in different configurations and capacities, every person, both an adult and a child, can ride such a device. The business idea is very simple. All that is needed is the purchase of several models for different ages. Then it remains only to charge all the devices, determine the location and go outside with them, preferably in a public place where you can offer people a ride for a certain amount of time for a small fee.

Business idea # 52. Selling boxes of socks

You can come up with a lot of jokes on this topic, but if you consider this option as a business idea, then it’s stupid not to take the opportunity to implement it. Socks are a favorite gift for many women for men (probably for any holiday). However, no one thought about how to present it beautifully. The essence is very simple: a case with socks suggests a “year supply” for all occasions, and a wrapped set in a beautiful box will delight anyone who receives such an original surprise. To organize a business, you will need a bulk purchase of various types of socks and boxes, packaging and shipping.

Business idea # 53. Making jewelry from epoxy resin

Products made of epoxy resin are in unprecedented demand these days, because it is original, unusual and just very beautiful. It is impossible to call this idea new, but even now its relevance is only growing. Epoxy jewelry is the most popular. If you do not have the necessary skills to work with such material, then it would be best to hire a specialist to open a business. Also make sure you buy quality resin from reputable suppliers. You will also need to provide your specialist with decoration materials, protective uniforms and a set of necessary tools. To sell finished products, use social networks or create a personal website.

Business idea # 54. Floating

No one will argue with the fact that business projects related to the areas of beauty, fashion, personal care are a very profitable business. Floating is a new trend in the field of business trends, which has appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain significant popularity. Its essence lies in swimming in a pool of water, which is saturated with various types of salts (usually up to 30%). Thanks to visiting such pools, in one session you can relieve spasms, relax muscles. Repeated visits will restore the nervous system. For the organization, at best, you will need to rent a pool. If this option is not available, repair work will be necessary to equip the premises. You also need to purchase high-quality salts. Accommodation near the beauty salon will be a big plus.

Business idea # 55. Draft beer point

The business idea of creating or buying a point of sale that provides customers with beer on tap is a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs, since it is affordable for many in terms of cash costs (if not rebuilding the point from scratch). Despite the fact that opening a beer outlet is not difficult, it is worth remembering that there is a lot of competition. If you do not calculate all the risks, the location of your “colleagues in the shop”, do not draw up a well-thought-out business plan, then you can easily part with your money, since the profit will not recoup the costs. To organize such an idea from scratch, you will need at least a small room of 25-30 square meters. meters, specially equipped equipment for bottling, barrels for storing beer, a refrigerator and showcases. It would also be a good option to sell “goods for beer” (chips, crackers, nuts, fish).

Business idea # 56. Production of playgrounds

Fulfillment of government orders for the planning, design and implementation of social projects is a great opportunity to earn money by organizing a business for the production of playgrounds for games. Don't be too quick to assume that this area of business is hard to get into. According to statistics for 2019, most of the implementers of such projects are small companies. To bring the idea to life, you will need considerable investments, but the profit from orders will quickly pay for them. To carry out repair work, you will need a room or a mini-workshop, equipment for working with various materials, a team of specialists for development, design, etc. You will also need a warehouse for storing finished and purchased products.

Business idea # 57. Seasonal business: production of "non-freezing"

An ideal opportunity for those who want to start their business activities with seasonal options is to engage in the production and sale of antifreeze for cars. This topic was, is and will be relevant, because the number of cars is constantly growing, and with it the demand for this product. Many companies produce a rather poor-quality anti-freeze and it is sometimes difficult to find a good one that does not leave streaks and a bad smell after application. You can play on this by gaining the trust of customers by developing a worthy product. For the implementation of the enterprise, you will need a room / workshop and a warehouse, for production - containers, a mixer, tanks, pumps, locking devices and the purchase of materials (detergent, water, flavors, alcohol). You also need containers for spilling liquids.

Business idea # 58. Island with kebabs and grilled chicken

Everything new is very well forgotten old. This slogan is great for this type of business, because for some time the “meat islands” seem to have disappeared from the streets and shopping centers. But now grilled chicken has again caught a wave of popularity, and it is a sin not to take advantage of novice entrepreneurs. Such a product is well suited for serving on a festive table or an ordinary dinner, organizing a picnic or for a long train trip. You will need a room: a tent, a kiosk, a trailer, a van (specially equipped for a retail outlet). You can also rent a capital premises, but the costs will be higher, it is more convenient to work in it alone. Next, you will need a grill and a refrigerator, an extractor hood, scales, small household utensils and the purchase of meat from a trusted supplier. Cooking grilled chicken does not require professional skills, so you can not hire a highly paid specialist.

Business idea # 59. Autotuning garage

Do not confuse tuning (improving the technical characteristics of the car) and "styling" (design work, painting). You should not assume that car tuning is done only when carrying out car repair work. It is quite difficult to perform such a task on your own, because not everyone understands the machines in detail. Entrusting the work to professionals is the choice of many, and there is always a demand for a good master. Starting a car tuning business is not a difficult task. The main task will be to find a garage space and purchase the necessary equipment. You will also need a team of specialists, preferably with education and work experience. We do not recommend recruiting masters “by ad”.

Business idea # 60. Breeding mini pigs

As a pet, someone is no longer just given. An unusual option is to buy a small piglet - a mini-pig - into the house, because many consider them incredibly attractive animals. And since there is a demand for such representatives of the fauna, a supply can also be created. It is very easy to organize a business, especially if you live in your own house (more space, you can allocate a plot for breeding). It will not be very convenient to engage in this activity in the apartment, which means that you will need a room. It is also necessary to directly purchase a female and a male for breeding, feed and care products. Due to their fertility and constantly growing demand, the costs will pay off extremely quickly.

Business idea # 61. Shop cosmetics

It seems that there are no such ideas left related to the area of ​​the sale of cosmetics that would not be occupied by many competitors. However, Belarusian cosmetics have gained their popularity in the eyes of buyers relatively recently. All thanks to the magic prefix "bio", "eco" and "the composition includes natural ingredients." And it is true. Many personal care experts claim that Ukrainain cosmetics are almost the best, so the demand for it has grown a lot in 2023 and has not fallen so far. To organize a business, you need a room for a store. If the budget is not very large, you can rent small islands in the shopping center. A reliable Ukrainain supplier is also needed. The costs pay off in about 3-4 months.

Business idea # 62. Event industry: mirror maze

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in their first activity being related to a seasonal business. As a rule, this option implies lower costs and more simplified management. The arrangement of attractions in the summer is very important in all cities, especially in resorts. Therefore, you can think about the implementation of the mirror maze, which increasingly began to appear in parks. To build a labyrinth, you will need a room with a size of at least 25 sq.m. You also need to order curved mirrors. They are made in special glass workshops. The staff will need an administrator / cashier. From additional equipment: cash register, admin desk, acquiring, lighting.

Business idea # 63. Shop of intimate goods

Every first businessman dreams of opening a business that will bring a constant and stable income. Do not be surprised, but the “sex shop” is the very option that meets the above qualities. As soon as sex shops came into being, the demand for the goods they sold did not fall, and every second customer became a regular. Why not then implement a similar idea in your city. Often, there will be practically no competition, especially if the city is not a regional one. First of all, you will need a room, but it should not be located near schools and kindergartens. From the equipment you need a standard minimum, as in a regular store: shelving, cash register, shop windows. It will also be equally important to hire a communicative and knowledgeable seller, as many clients are often not aware of what exactly they want.

Business idea # 64. Wine ice cream

Ice cream is one of the most beloved desserts, especially in the summer. Whatever flavors they have come up with, but we can bet that many of you have not tried wine ice cream yet. Before you go into this business option, you must understand that the niche is highly competitive. To implement the production of alcoholic ice cream, considerable costs will be required. The main part of the budget will have to be spent on the purchase of equipment for the manufacture of the product. In addition, a workshop is required, with a size of at least 150 sq.m. It is best to resort to renting it rather than buying it, since you can immediately add twice as much money on top. Do not forget about buying high-quality raw materials: wine ice cream made from cheap alcohol will, to put it mildly, not be tasty and will immediately beat off all the desire of the target audience to buy your product.

Business idea # 65. Making bath brooms

Agree, being a teenager or being a student at the moment, you have often thought about starting a business from scratch and without investments. So, there is such an option! A Russian bath is a mandatory attribute in many summer cottages, cottages, camp sites, sanatoriums, etc. Even in the city there are so many of them - you can’t count them. And if places where you can take a steam bath are extremely necessary and important, then there is a demand for bath brooms. A bath broom is a “perishable product” and every time a visitor needs a new one. To make brooms, you will need any room you have, since the production process includes collecting branches with leaves and then drying them. You must immediately contact all possible baths in your city and offer to buy bath brooms in order to know where they are needed and how much. To know some of the subtleties of making brooms, we recommend reading articles or watching videos on YouTube.

Business idea # 66. Growing strawberries

“I will go to work abroad to pick strawberries. I need to raise capital for my future business.” Now such a phrase can be heard from many acquaintances, but not everyone thought about the fact that it can be grown while staying at home and turn employment into a successful business. It should not be premature to judge that agricultural projects are extremely labor-intensive and unprofitable. At the moment, running a crop growing business is an easier option than opening, for example, a stall. If you have a summer cottage, consider that you are already a businessman and can start small. However, to get a good seasonal profit, you need more space. A good option is to rent a room and equip it as for growing strawberries, that is, installing racks with a place to place boxes with seedlings. It is also necessary to purchase fertilizers, seedlings themselves and equipment for plant care.

Business idea # 67. Dry closets: "money does not smell"

Today you can make money on anything, this is far from a secret. Even public dry closets fit well into the field of small business, since, as it turned out, you can make good money on them. If you are a beginner entrepreneur, and the budget does not yet provide an opportunity to start with something global, we strongly recommend that you implement this idea. Public toilets in crowded places are in unprecedented demand. All you need to do is start by buying a few booths and choosing a suitable location for them (parks, embankments, squares or places where city events, holidays and concerts are held). No additional equipment is required. You will need to hire a cashier and set the price for visiting the toilet. Further, as the business progresses, acquire more and higher quality modern booths and place them around the city.

Business idea # 68. Furniture upholstery

If you are looking for a profitable and easy-to-manage business, then the option of organizing a furniture upholstery service is perfect. Many people in our time are far from affording the purchase of new upholstered furniture, especially given the inflated pricing policy. Therefore, upholstery is a great way to update your home interior at no extra cost. And for entrepreneurs, this is another opportunity to make good money. To organize such an agency, you do not need to rent or buy premises for an office or workshop. To implement the upholstery service, the master goes to the house of the owner of the furniture and carries out all the work directly on the spot. Therefore, you need a team of 2-3 craftsmen (at the beginning), the purchase of basic building tools and a small amount of consumables. It is very profitable to promote this kind of business through the Internet (social networks, bulletin boards, etc.).

Business idea # 69. Popcorn

One of the most favorite treats of children and adults is popcorn. Coming to the shopping center, cinema or in the summer, relaxing on the embankment, you will certainly want a box of popcorn. Small businessmen take advantage of this by organizing outlets for the production and sale of popcorn in public places. Based on the possibility of being located indoors or outdoors, it is impossible to call a seasonal business - it is always relevant. To organize it, you will need to rent a point in a shopping center or buy a mobile island. The main costs for this business idea will go to the purchase of an apparatus for the production of goodies. It is better in such a situation to give preference to American manufacturers: they will come out more expensive, but the quality of the product and the durability indicator will be much higher when compared with Korean and Taiwanese counterparts. It is also necessary to purchase raw materials - special vegetable oils and varieties of corn.

Business idea # 70. Clothing that changes color

The development of the fashion industry is gaining momentum every year. All thanks to innovations in the development of techniques for creating original fabrics. These include clothing that can change color shades. The magic lies in the fact that chrome dyes with different properties are used in the production. It is necessary to start a business with the availability of premises for a store or limit yourself to a small island. The ideal option would be to rent a space in a shopping center. From the assortment, you can start with simple seasonal clothes (shorts, T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts). To organize sales, you will need a place to store products (warehouse), display cases and racks for placement, cash registers, high-quality lighting and fitting rooms - everything, like in any clothing store. Of the equipment, you only need mills or printers for dyeing clothes. From the staff - 2 print masters, 2 salesmen, this will be enough for one point.

Business idea # 71. Making phyto-pillows

Goods, the production of which includes exclusively natural materials, strongly catch the eye of many buyers. These products include phyto-pillows. This type of pillow is made using medicinal herbs in an orthopedic version. That is, the pleasant is combined with the useful. As for the organization of this kind of business, a big plus is that you don’t need a room to make several batches of pillows of 100 pieces. enough home conditions and basic tools. You can, of course, immediately threaten to rent a sewing workshop, but this is not practical. First you need to feel the demand, sell several batches, and for the sale of such volumes you will not need a large production facility. For stuffing, you can pick herbs yourself in the spring, but if the budget allows, you can buy them in bulk already dried and ready to be placed in pillows. For advertising and promotion, you can create a website or a page on a social network.

Business idea # 72. Design and construction of Russian baths to order

Despite the fact that there is always a crisis, the construction business has always been, is and will be relevant. Many owners of private houses, dachas, cottages have repeatedly thought about building a bathhouse on their site, but doing it on their own without the necessary knowledge is not always easy. Due to this, services for the construction of baths appear, which are very simple to organize. This is another idea that does not require a working room, except for a warehouse for storing tools and consumables. To begin with, design several models of baths for their subsequent advertising. Engage in the purchase of materials and tools for their processing. If you are a jack of all trades, and the budget for a few hired workers is not enough, at first you can do the manufacturing yourself by hiring one craftsman to help. Expanding the company, you can hire 2 more masters and deal only with documentation, searching for orders and promotion.

Business idea # 73. Lawn laying and landscaping

Business in the field of landscape design has always been in demand, both among small private customers and large companies or city authorities. It is worth boldly occupying this niche if there are not many serious organizations involved in laying lawns in your area, otherwise the competition will be serious. First of all, you need an office, preferably in the central area of the city (the influx of customers will be higher). You will also need a storage room for the purchased lawn and equipment for laying it. It is better to have a warehouse in the countryside, this will significantly reduce rental costs. From the equipment, nothing supernatural is needed: a basic set of tools for processing the landscape. It is better to hire specialists with experience. In addition to stackers, you also need a skilled designer to design orders and work with clients.

Business idea # 74. Organization of express dates

In order to arrange your personal life, today there are many ways: pickup courses, marriage agencies, dating sites, etc. However, do not forget about express dates, the organization of which is highly popularized in the West. So why not open such a romantic business here and now? Its organization is very simple. All you need is a venue for the event. As a rule, cafes or restaurants are rented for several hours as a room for the classic version of express dates (guys sit down with girls and take turns getting to know each other). Small banquet halls are also suitable. There is no need for an office, as well as additional equipment. The main thing is good advertising and a sociable presenter with a microphone. Investments are minimal, which means it is suitable for novice businessmen.

Business idea # 75. Making "business boards"

A business board is a wooden flat board on which there are many different things interesting for a child that you can click on, “click”, open, etc. This is something like a development board that teaches a child to handle different objects: sockets, switches, locks, laces. They are great for developing motor skills and thinking. Making a business board is not a difficult process and professional skills are not required here. If you think creatively, like to create and give joy to children, such a business will bring you pleasure and a decent income. The competition in this area is not great, so hurry up to occupy a niche. To make bodyboards, you need a set of tools for working with wood, paints, and some household utensils. If there is no time to do it yourself, you can hire a specialist, but then you will need to rent a room for a workshop.

Business idea # 76. Boxing club

Sport is an important part of our life. Boxing classes perfectly develop all muscle groups, discipline and teach you to stand up for yourself, but not every city can find a good boxing club. In order to organize a business in the field of sports, special skills, knowledge of the topic or professional skills are not required. It is enough to rent a medium-sized room and start arranging it. Before opening a club, it must be equipped with sports equipment. In this situation, what you will definitely need is a boxing ring, punching bags, small sports equipment, mats, good lighting. To expand your business, you can install simulators in the gym and also receive additional profit from them. There is also a need to hire specialists - boxing trainers, an administrator, a security guard or a watchman.

Business idea # 77. Production of change houses for workers

First of all, what is a home? This is a small room for temporary residence of employees of enterprises in a certain area. To bring such an idea to life, it is necessary to rent a large room to accommodate materials, tools, workshops and a warehouse for manufactured change houses. The room must be ventilated and all amenities for staff. Nothing specific is needed from the equipment: saws, grinders, planers, screwdrivers. In general, everything you need for repair and construction work. According to the materials, you need to purchase mainly metal, wood and insulation. It is also worth choosing good specialists with education and experience in this field (preferably). To promote business and receive orders, we recommend working with customers directly. It is best to promote the company on the Internet, on bulletin boards, social networks, etc. The classic version with posting ads and handing out leaflets is also suitable.

Business idea # 78. Rental of photo and video equipment

Equipment of this type belongs to the expensive segment and many people simply do not have the opportunity to purchase it. But renting for a while for a significantly reduced fee is easy. This means that someone who has the presence of various types of such devices can earn decent money. It is extremely simple to organize such a business: you will need to invest in the purchase of photo and video equipment. To begin with, you won’t need much - just buy a few good video cameras, tripods, cameras, lighting equipment and that’s it, you can search for clients. In case of interest and good profit, consider opening a rental studio, rent a room with a treasure, instead of keeping the equipment at home. To expand the business, you can hire the appropriate specialists and provide services for video filming, editing, processing, etc.

Business idea # 79. Pancake stall

Probably, pancakes are what every first person loves and it’s not worth explaining why. Considering that shawarma cooking and selling points are now on every corner, a pancake kiosk against their background will look like a great alternative. To organize a business idea for opening a pancake kiosk, three parameters must be observed: location, price, assortment. The place for placing the point should be passable, the central area is well suited. Regarding the pricing policy, it is necessary to understand that the main audience will be children, teenagers, students, young people, less often adults and the elderly, so you should not overestimate prices. The main thing here is to earn trust with a quality product, and a good profit will not be long in coming. The assortment is an important point, it must be constantly expanded, supplemented, offered unusual tastes, various fillings, in general, “pamper the people”. For staff - 1-2 cooks-sellers (not necessarily professional). You will also need kitchen equipment.

Business idea # 80. Corn maze

The name of the business idea speaks for itself and there is no need to explain how it works for a long time. It should be noted right away that this idea is not yet popular in the CIS countries, which means that you can safely occupy a niche without fear of competition. To create a corn maze, you will need a wheat field and 100 kilograms of a tomato ... Good joke) The first step is to explore the countryside. You will need a corn field of at least 25 hectares. If the field is empty and unplanted, buy a batch of corn seeds and prepare for seedlings. When the shoots grow, not waiting for the fruit to ripen, but only at the stage of pollination of the stamens, it is necessary to start weeding and trampling the paths. Model the labyrinth in advance on whatman paper, observing the proportions. For a clear formation of the pattern when laying paths, use the rental of a quadrocopter to observe the big picture from a height. And that's all, it remains to correctly advertise the corn maze and prepare for the influx of customers.

Business idea # 81. Salad bar

There are not many unique projects in the field of catering now. Therefore, a salad bar can stand out among dull fast foods. Business centers, shopping centers, supermarkets are ideal places to organize a salad bar. First of all, you should focus on the fact that the first customers will be the workers of the organization where you are located. For those who do not understand what a salad bar is, it is a small island with showcases where various additives and ingredients (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.) are located. From these additives, the client himself forms an order for a salad, or the chefs offer their own delicious combinations. It is better to make such a bar with an emphasis on healthy eating: no fatty, fried, spicy food. From the equipment you will need the same as for the buffet - refrigerated display cases, cash register, eco-packaging. From the staff you will need a cashier, two cooks and one person for the layout and distribution of salads.

Business idea # 82. Making a wooden constructor

Everyday life has long been captured by the green trend in terms of everything imaginable, and wooden toys are a great example of this. Every first mother is interested in her child playing only with safe and environmentally friendly toys. Therefore, the idea of ​​realizing a business in the manufacture of a wooden constructor is now extremely relevant. If you are good with the tool, then you can start with a home workshop, implementing simple folding kits or, if skill allows, complex authoring techniques. However, it will not be very convenient to engage in such activities at home, so you will need to rent a small room for a workshop. From the equipment you need to purchase a standard set of tools for working with wood (chisels, sandpaper, grinders). Not having the right skills, hire a specialist to develop and design products, and do business promotion and finding customers yourself.

Business idea # 83. Weaving eco-avosek

Eco-bags are a fairly popular topic, but not every store has them, and cashiers offer to put products in polyethylene counterparts. An environmentally friendly shopping bag is a great alternative to plastic bags and it is very easy to organize a business in their manufacture. If we consider the idea for implementing it at home, then without the skills of weaving from macrame there is nowhere. You will need a set of materials: soutache, braid, strong threads and leatherette for handles. The sale of the first batch of vehicles is necessary to assess demand. If it is high, then you can hire additional staff and increase the amount of manufactured product. For advertising a business, a trading account on Instagram or a Facebook profile is perfect. Also a good option would be to create a one-stop shop with an order form.

Business idea # 84. Implementation of the production of alcoholic jelly at home

A fairly relevant topic that has already captivated many people in America. In the CIS countries, this idea is not yet sufficiently developed, so if you do it now, you will not have such tough competition as in the West.

The idea itself is very simple and preparation does not take much time. The minimum amount of ingredients is required, the main of which will, of course, be alcohol. You should not compare such a dessert with cognac sweets, where the proportion of alcohol is negligible. With the correct proportions, one serving of such jelly will equal one "shot". As a rule, it is perfect for parties and corporate events.

Business idea # 85. Translator

A very simple idea, but too relevant. This option of earning will exist as long as possible, because people will constantly need to translate something. In this case, it is enough to start small, to provide services for the translation of texts, documents of various nature. The first employment can be obtained on freelance exchanges, where there will be a myriad of translation tasks. After gaining experience, you can open an online bureau, hire several people who know different languages and organize competent management, while realizing large orders.

Business idea # 86. "Surprise box"

Great option for aspiring entrepreneurs. The idea of creating surprise boxes appeared a long time ago, but it remains relevant to this day, since there are a huge number of variations in creating such products. Perfect for making money at home, as it does not require an office or rented premises. You will need a supplier (depending on the theme of the boxes) or you can shop online yourself, possibly in bulk. It will also be good to have the imagination to come up with something new every time, preferably these are your own options, and not what you saw on the Internet. Subsequently, you can organize an online store.

Business idea # 87. Making candles at home

If earlier candles were used as an element of room lighting, today they are more often used as decorative elements, the implementation of various design solutions. In the general case, such candles are shaped in the form of various objects and color, or figures of characters are created at all, etc. Candles can be made from natural wax. You will also need molds and wicks (which you can also make yourself at minimal cost). Scented colored candles are in great demand.

Business idea # 88. Creation of costumes

Bodysuits are necessary in many areas of activity, up to the distribution of leaflets. From time to time, on the streets you can meet a person dressed in a full-length costume of a character from a movie or cartoon, handing out leaflets about offers to eat or visit a store. However, not every company has such suits in stock to dress their employees. To engage in such activities, you must have basic knowledge in the sewing business and creativity. You will also need sewing equipment.

Business idea # 89. Growing cacti

Cacti are one of the most popular "tabletop" plants that can be seen everywhere. Therefore, you need to understand that there is a great demand for this type of product, which means that you can organize their own cultivation and subsequent sale. Due to the fact that this option is easily worked out at home, it will not be difficult to start. As a rule, such an idea at first goes as a hobby, after which it develops into earnings. Special skills in this matter will not be needed, however, to compose compositions or create possible large orders, a creative mindset will not hurt.

Business idea # 90. Growing mushrooms at home

The sale of vegetables and fruits grown at home (dacha and garden) conditions is one of the most common options for obtaining additional, or even the main profit. Having your own premises, it is very easy to organize this kind of business. As a rule, most often, many entrepreneurs use their own garages for such manipulations. For implementation, you will need the preparation of compost with pasteurization, mycelium and special bags to accommodate the crop. Racks will also be needed for the convenience of stacking bags with mycelium.

Business idea # 91. Flower hostel

The idea is very simple: its essence lies in the fact that many owners of their domestic plants are periodically absent from home for personal reasons, and there is no one to look after their flora. Plants need constant care that you can provide them and provide your services to others. For such an idea, no investments are needed, since you can store flowers at home, it is especially beneficial if you have a loggia or balcony. From the equipment you only need free space and a watering can. Perhaps fertilizer or special treatments that cost a penny.

Business idea # 92. Treatment of the territory from insects

Many people have their own country houses, dachas or garden plots, in general, places where harmful insects are a dime a dozen. Often, the owners of their plots fail to overcome such an “infection” with their own hands. Therefore, they resort to the help of such agencies. To implement it, you will need basic knowledge on how to get rid of a particular type of insect, special equipment for treating the area, protective suits and means that will be used to treat the surface.

Business idea # 93. Making protein bars at home

Proper nutrition, diets, fitness are preoccupied by many people in our time. Protein bars are in great demand, but, as you know, many manufacturers sometimes take a completely irresponsible approach to the issue of the quality of their products, so some prefer bars made at home. Setting up such a business is very easy. It is enough to have a few good recipes, quality ingredients and a page in the social. networks for sales and its subsequent advertising.

Business idea # 94. Production of bio-fireplaces

A topic that is actively gaining popularity, because every second person wants to see a fireplace in his house or apartment. Undoubtedly, a bio-fireplace is rather an imitation of what we want to see. But this option is much cheaper for people than installing the classic version. And the residents of the apartments are completely at hand. To implement such an idea, a specially equipped room is needed, something like a production workshop with good ventilation. You need a glass cutter, materials for processing, various small electrical equipment and, of course, basic skills in working with a tool. In the future, you can hire a specialist and deal only with maintaining documentation and promoting the company.

Business idea # 95. Cleaning company

Cleaning the house is not the most pleasant task, as a rule, it takes a lot of time. The idea of organizing a cleaning company for various premises is a very profitable option, since it practically does not require investments. All you need to start from scratch is basic household equipment and disinfectant disinfectants. This option is perfect for students who are looking for a part-time job. To advertise your services, you can use social networks or post ads in general.

Business idea # 96. Shop "Everything by 5"

You have probably met small shops around the city that do not have any specific theme of the goods sold. Such outlets sell various kinds of household items, electronics, hygiene products, occasionally clothes, etc. Such stores thrive on a variety of small and cheap goods. Organizing such a store is quite simple. Shelving required. The goods are purchased on Chinese trading platforms in large quantities and are sold with their own markup.

Business idea # 97. Resale of goods (speculation)

Resale today is engaged in an impressive number of people. The earning scheme is very simple. All that is required of you at the beginning is start-up capital and the possibility of subsequent sale of the product. Most often, for resale, people cooperate with Chinese sites, buying goods in bulk at big discounts, then adding a markup and reselling through their own channels. Some through instagram, some only deal with trading platforms or message boards. Others open their stores and sell on their own standing behind the counter. It all depends on your preferences.

Business idea # 98. 3D modeling

For this option, you need to get along with software for processing photos, creating 3D models of various objects, characters, etc. There are many sites on the Internet where modeling masters can sell their work or make them to order. What is worth only the number of orders for 3D modeling on freelance exchanges, where everyone can find a job for themselves. All this can be developed to your own studio, hire several specialists and carry out large orders, promoting your company.

Business idea # 99. Service "husband for an hour"

Surely you have heard about such a business idea, but did not think about its relevance and implementation. In fact, not every man is excellent at performing various “male” housework. Also, do not forget about single women who have not yet found their love - they may also need to change the outlet or fix the faucet. If you have basic repair skills, get along with electrical engineering, know how to use a tool, then the organization of the “Husband for an Hour” service is perfect for you. To expand, you can open a service, advertise both on the Internet and in standard ways (leaflets, business cards, ads).

Business idea # 100. PC and laptop maintenance

An extremely relevant topic today, given that every first home definitely has a computer or laptop. Such equipment will always need maintenance, both technical and software. If you are an advanced PC user, you know user basics well, you know how to reinstall Windows, change thermal paste and clean this technique from dust - consider that you are already a computer master. And then it’s up to the small: either post ads on online boards, or put up flyers, or buy ads on social networks. networks, focusing on their city and offering their services. Initially, you can do it yourself, then expand the staff and hire a few more specialists.

Business idea # 101. Embroidery to order

In order for the business to bear fruit, you should create pages on social networks, show photos of work already completed. Having mastered the art of embroidery with threads, ribbons and beads, you can create not only exquisite expensive clothes, but also embroidered towels, decorative pillows, icons, clutches and even shoes.

Business idea # 102. Online store

It will bring profit if the product is selected successfully. If you have any hobby related to making useful (key holders, garden furniture, bags, etc.) or pleasant (postcards, notebooks, toys, etc.) things, then you can fill your online store with them.

Business idea # 103. Restoration of old photos

This case is for those who have mastered photo editors. Additionally, you can offer customers handmade albums.

Business idea # 104. Soap making

Such a natural product is increasingly gaining market share, because in addition to skin cleansing, it also helps to solve other issues, in particular: moisturizing, reducing irritation, fighting cellulite, and the like. It is not difficult to learn how to make soap, and special certificates are not required for this.

Business idea # 105. Production of eco-cosmetics

Cosmetics made from useful ingredients are incredibly popular. In order to learn how to create it, you can attend special master classes.

Business idea # 106. Making jewelry

Ukrainians love jewelry made from natural stones and beads. Earrings and necklaces in ethnic style are especially popular.

Business idea # 107. Making Christmas decorations

These do not have to be made of glass. Beautiful decorations are made of clay, wood, felt. In recent years, Ukrainians are increasingly buying Christmas socks to decorate a fireplace, Christmas tree.

Business idea # 108. Production of soft toys

Products may vary in size and appearance. Manufacturers of actual toys (heroes of popular cartoons, animal symbols of the year), characters for puppet theater, and tactile products have the most chances to make money on such a business.

Business idea # 109. Raising fish

The larger the reservoir, the greater the catch. Trout can be farmed in mountainous areas.

Business idea # 110. Breeding ostriches

There are very few ostrich farms in Ukraine, but the demand is huge, so the profitability even exceeds 100%. In addition to eggs and meat, a farmer can earn money from excursions to his farm.

Business idea # 111. Pallet manufacturing

This type of fuel in Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular, because it is economical and environmentally friendly. Therefore, there will be no problems with the implementation of pallets. To start your own business, you will need: wood waste (you can negotiate the delivery of raw materials with carpentry shops, woodworking enterprises), a special machine for making pallets.

Business idea # 112. Manufacturing of metal mesh

As in the case of pallets for heating, to establish this business, you also need to have raw materials - a metal rod and a machine. It will be possible to organize production in a garage or any utility room.

Business idea # 113. Production of paper disposable tableware

Such a startup requires financial costs, because the installation itself is not cheap. The advantage of the business is the availability of the material. You can get more profit if you make themed dishes or whole sets.

Business idea # 114. Tailoring for dogs

Since this niche is almost completely free, and the demand in big cities is huge, the results of very insignificant investments can be seen from the first month of work. For more profit, you can offer other products for animals, for example: collars, leashes, toys.

Business idea # 115. Making furniture for pets

A skilled craftsman can easily cope with the implementation of an aquarium, a house for kittens. Having learned on this, you can proceed to the manufacture of cages for birds, rodents, aviaries for dogs.

Business idea # 116. Production of photo posters, photo magnets, photo books

To do this business, you need to purchase a high-quality printer and photo paper, additional stationery tools. You also need to be able to work with some design programs or at least photo editors.

Business idea # 117. Animal breeding

Popular in recent years in Ukraine are such breeds of dogs as: Husky, Dalmatian, Pomeranian, French Bulldogs. Some dogs are valued at more than 150,000 hryvnia. As for kittens, it is most profitable to breed breeds: serval, sphinx, Belgalian, elves, British shorthair.

Business idea # 118. Production of colored decorative crushed stone, stone

You can rent products in bulk - to construction hypermarkets, local specialized stores or companies. Gravel, marble chips can become raw materials for products.

Business idea # 119. Decorations for a candy bar

The success of a business depends on the quality, originality of products and the diversity of the offer. Themed decorations with cartoon characters will bring more profit.

Business idea # 120. Interior stickers

To print, you need to purchase a special printer, a polymer film. Greater success can be achieved if you come up with an original sticker design yourself. Alternatively, you can also make stickers for smartphones, laptops, furniture.

Business idea # 121. Sweets 3D

This is an absolute novelty of the modern world. Although such a business idea has never been implemented in Ukraine, American businessmen have already managed to earn considerable income from it. A feature of the production is a 3D printer, thanks to which each client can model the cake or candy they want to purchase.

Business idea # 122. Food wholesale

Knowing how to cook deliciously, you can agree on the wholesale distribution of dishes. So, delicious lunches can be ordered with pleasure by office workers, as well as cafes and canteens. Desserts can be ordered in bulk for corporate parties, weddings or other celebrations.

Business idea # 123. Unusual bouquets

An alternative to traditional flowers can be mouth-watering bouquets made of sweets, elite cheeses, quality meat products or goodies for beer.

Business idea # 124. Smart restaurant

Promotion of proper nutrition is of interest in balanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In Switzerland, establishments are already actively operating, where calories and nutritional value are counted in each dish. Accordingly, a visitor to such a restaurant can eat as healthy as possible, which means he will come here again.

Business idea # 125. Eco product

It does not take much to produce useful products. Many recipes can be found online. For work, you need high-quality natural products. It is worth buying a dryer for vegetables and berries.

Business idea # 126. Procurement of seasonal food

Having capacious freezers and basements, it is possible to carry out the preparation of seasonal foodstuffs. In the off-season, they are sold in bulk to restaurants and canteens.

Business idea # 127. Meat semi-finished products

Dumplings, dumplings, mouth-watering chebureks - something that is always bought up in Ukraine with a bang. And in fact, it does not really matter whether semi-finished products are made in a home kitchen or in a specialized workshop. It is important that the manufacturing process is as clean as possible, and the products are tasty.

Business idea # 128. Making cakes and desserts

No party is complete without cake and desserts. Especially popular lately are cakes decorated with fondant. However, there is not always time to prepare something grandiose. This means that your services will be in demand.

Business idea # 129. Making cheese (cottage cheese)

All you need to start is milk and containers for processing it into cheese. Over time, it is possible to establish the production of elite types of cheeses, creams, curds and various curd desserts.

Business idea # 130. Production of jam, marinades, preserves

Canteens and cafes can be consumers of all these products.

Business idea # 131. Fast food cafe

To organize such a business, you do not need too large a room, one small room is enough, where coffee machines and several tables (or racks) would be placed. You can "take" buyers with an assortment and aroma.

Business idea # 132. Making fruit chips

A tasty and healthy snack will interest users more if its nutritional value and safety, as well as benefits for the human body, are described in detail.

Business idea # 133. Growing greenery

Unlike many other foodstuffs, dill, parsley, and some other herbs can be dried and sold out of season.

Business idea # 134. Roasted sunflower seeds

Ukrainians are very fond of sunflower seeds, so this business idea is definitely a win-win. The business requires solid investments: you need to purchase a line for frying, sorting. Having coped with one product, you can introduce others for sale - roasted pumpkin seeds, sesame goodies, peanuts.

Business idea # 135. Fresh bar

A high-quality juicer, a blender, fresh vegetables and fruits, disposable tableware are what you need to start. It is advantageous to place such fresh bars in shopping, office and entertainment centers, markets, and other crowded places.

Business idea # 136. Making pita bread

There are a lot of techniques for making this product and recipes. Some do not even require a special bakery and equipment, but can be done at home. You can sell them at retail by opening your own store or wholesale - to local supermarkets, canteens, retail stores.

Business idea # 137. Making croutons

An electric or gas oven is what you need to get started. With the development of business, you can purchase a separate line for frying crackers. Since eco-products are “in vogue”, it is beneficial to refuse chemical flavors and replace them with natural spices, nuts or berries.

Business idea # 138. Care for children

Although not new, but very relevant service. Modern mothers devote themselves less and less to maternity leave, and, of course, they cannot entrust their baby to any person. If the living conditions allow and the parents agree, you can take the children with you. Persons who have completed medical courses and have a pedagogical education are more likely to realize such a business idea.

Business idea # 139. Power of attorney service

Often, modern business women and serious professionals simply do not have enough time to complete all their tasks. They would gladly use the services of a responsible assistant. Having successfully organized your time, you can become an assistant to several people at once.

Business idea # 140. Wedding consultations

A wedding (especially a big one) is an incredibly important event. Newlyweds and their parents do not always know how to organize everything in the most interesting and successful way. A wedding consultant in this case is simply an indispensable assistant. More success in the implementation of this business idea will be achieved by persons with good taste, excellent communication skills.

Business idea # 141. Walking animals

A very popular service in the US and Europe. Such work will be useful and profitable. In one day, you can walk with ten or even more dogs. Over time, you can hire an assistant.

Business idea # 142. Personal Chef

Only those persons who have achieved high professionalism can cook dishes for their wealthy only clients. By investing in your development, you can count on a solid salary.

Business idea # 143. Help with moving

This way of earning does not require any investments and special skills. All it takes is time and physical strength.

Business idea # 144. Home tracking

In this case, you will need to live in the house of the owners until their arrival. The service will help the owners to protect their homes from thieves, as well as not to worry about pets and plants.

Business idea # 145. Interior decoration

You can decorate rooms of almost any type: offices, housing, entertainment venues. A separate direction can be decorating the premises for the holidays. Suitable for anyone who is fond of design and has good taste.

Business idea # 146. Recycling

At the request of the client, it is possible not only to take out household or construction waste, but also to deliver old household appliances, tools, and furniture to recycling centers.

Business idea # 147. Care of the aquarium, terrarium

Having chosen such an occupation for yourself, you will have to purchase some professional tools and tools, as well as cope with the fear of snakes, spiders, lizards.

Business idea # 148. Restoration of antiques

It will bring benefit and money to all men who are well versed in various materials, know their properties, have good taste and can restore the old.

Business idea # 149. Clothing repair at home

To repair clothes, you will have to purchase a sewing machine and hire a seamstress if you do not have the necessary knowledge in this area.

Business idea # 150. Studio

Atelier, as well as clothing repair, requires minimal investment. However, besides this, you need to rent a spacious room where it will be convenient to cut fabrics.

Business idea # 151. Shoe repair

This business idea requires minimal investment. However, specialized knowledge will be required.

Business idea # 152. Laundry (laundry)

The elderly, male bachelors and students will want to use this service. For a fee, you can also offer customers clothing repair and ironing.

Business idea # 153. Private gardener

To engage in such activities, it is necessary to have special tools for gardening, as well as a good understanding of plants, their diseases, needs, good taste and interest in landscape design.

Business idea # 154. Machine care

You can provide the service both in your workshop and on site. Preventive maintenance is especially useful for tablets, laptops, expensive smartphones, air conditioners.

Business idea # 155. Energy Saving Consulting

Given the systematic increase in prices for utilities, such a service is becoming especially relevant in Ukraine. For work, it will be necessary to order special devices for determining heat loss.

Business idea # 156. Tutoring

Have you always liked the specialization in which you received your education? Share your knowledge with others! Moreover, it can really bring good profit.

Business idea # 157. Nutritionist services

In this case, you can not do without special knowledge. It is best if you have a medical background.

Business idea # 158. Publishing house

In this case, you will need to establish contacts with the printing industry and hire layout and design specialists.

Business idea # 159. Barbershop

Is hairdressing your calling? But at the same time, do you want your establishment to stand out from the background of numerous other beauty salons? Open a barbershop, that is, a men's hairdresser!

Business idea # 160. Photo studio

For this business, you need a room, as well as various thematic decorations (they should be changed for certain holidays).

Business idea # 161. Quest room

For such an idea, you will need a room and a certain decor. In addition, it will be necessary to come up with an exciting scenario.

Business idea # 162. Hostel

For this business, you need to have an apartment or a house that you will rent as a hostel. Also, do not forget that the room should be furnished (buy beds, a refrigerator, etc.).

Business idea # 163. Accountant

Increasingly, small companies and sole proprietors prefer the remote work of an accountant. Cooperation of this type has been paying off in the United States for many years. The accountant himself can "lead" several enterprises at the same time.

Business idea # 164. Crisis manager

Suitable for specialists with an economic education who know how to competently optimize costs. The services of a crisis manager will be used by both enterprises and ordinary Ukrainian families who cannot solve their financial problems on their own.

Business idea # 165. Private driving instructor

Not every driver's license holder can safely drive, sometimes people are hampered by uncertainty in their skills. In this case, the services of an auto-instructor will be useful.

Business idea # 166. Vehicle haul

Such services can be provided both within the city (by the type of “sober driver” service), or within the country or from abroad.

Business idea # 167. Bicycle rental

For the spring-summer season, a very profitable business. Europeans have already managed to evaluate this one and make money on it.

Business idea # 168. Rental of children's goods

Of course, it is better to invest in those goods that parents cannot always afford, or that are required for a short period. Examples include strollers, children's bicycles, playpens, car seats, large play centers, trampolines, and the like.

Business idea # 169. Nail salon

The appearance of gel polish on the market caused a real “boom” for the perfect manicure. To implement a business idea in 2018, you will have to spend 2-5 thousand hryvnias.

Business idea # 170. Carpet cleaning

Karcher, high-quality household chemicals and a carpet brush are what you need to start.

Business idea # 171. Massage parlor

It will bring good profit, provided that the massage therapist has the necessary licenses and certificates.

Business idea # 172. Drone rental

Photos and videos using such a device are distinguished by their quality and originality. If the budget is limited, you can purchase one average drone. Having earned on this, over time it will be possible to purchase more expensive and professional models.

Business idea # 173. Rental of robes

Graduation Day is a special day for every student, and therefore we want to make it as bright and interesting as possible. Following the example of American students, Ukrainians are increasingly using academic gowns and confederates on such a day. Having invested in sewing kits once, you can earn money on their rental for decades.

Business idea # 174. Pillow restoration

The two main things that you need to purchase to implement the idea are a feather dryer, a sewing machine.

Business idea # 175. Animator

To implement the idea, it is enough to buy or sew just a few costumes of popular characters and come up with some interesting games for children.

Business idea # 176. Painting with paint that glows

You can use it for the design of car rims or individual parts of a car, as well as for decorating external walls, various landscape elements.

Business idea # 177. Interior renovation

Such a business does not require costs. But if you do not have the necessary knowledge in this area, it will be difficult to do your job well.

Business idea # 178. Cosmetic repair of entrances

The work is relatively simple, but profitable. There will always be clients. Of course, you should not sit and wait for an invitation for a long time. You can contact the housing office, leave a message in multi-storey buildings, create an appropriate account on a social network.

Business idea # 179. Art painting

Deal for people with taste and ability to draw. You can paint both cars and walls in rooms, furniture, plumbing and the like.

Business idea # 180. Creation of thematic photo zones

This service may be of interest to professional photographers, as well as private companies that hold corporate parties, various conferences and trainings, schoolchildren and graduate students, and other people who are planning a large-scale celebration.

Business idea # 181. Video filming of events

Do you shoot high-quality video and know how to edit it? Shooting events is a highly demanded service.

Business idea # 182. Event photography

In addition to the video of our special moment, we always want to have photos and memories of the celebration. If you have the necessary skills to work with a camera, you have high-quality equipment and you are also good at processing images, then you should take advantage of this business idea.

Business idea # 183. DJ services

Music sets the tone for any event. DJ services will definitely be a success.

Business idea # 184. Segway tour

For Ukrainians, electric scooters are a novelty. It will be even more interesting to ride such during a joint walk around the city.

Business idea # 185. Quest tours around the city

Here again, you can not do without an exciting scenario. Otherwise, the quest will not be in demand.

Business idea # 186. Copywriting

Virtually all marketing, travel companies, real estate agencies, owners of online stores, information or corporate sites, owners of social networking pages need high-quality and competent texts. Of course, in order to create high-quality texts, you will have to read professional literature.

Business idea # 187. Editing

Students, as well as teachers, translation agencies, publishing houses, and sometimes copywriters, will certainly want to use the services of an editor.

Business idea # 188. Online sales consulting

With the techniques and methods of Internet marketing, you can help others to promote their business. An online sales consultant can give valuable advice on the use of social networks, the online store, and, by agreement, can also perform some business development work.

Business idea # 189. Virtual assistant

Such a person can help a company or an entrepreneur to carry out small orders. As an example, this can be: answering questions in a chat, sending messages, analyzing offers and prices of competitors, and the like.

Business idea # 190. SMM specialist

The main task of such a specialist is to promote the company through social networks and increase sales. You need to be able to write interesting headlines, add photos, communicate with readers.

Business idea # 191. Website development

You don't need to take IT courses to master some platforms. Smart people can learn how to work on their own thanks to free videos on the net. It is worth starting a business with simple one-page sites.

Business idea # 192. Online secretary

In fact, this is an assistant manager or leader. Simple office tasks and work with CRM can be performed remotely.

Business idea # 193. Web Resource Testing

In the USA, you can earn good money at such a job, because it is important for the site owner to know how convenient his online store is and how the average user perceives it. Read more about testing an online store here.

Business idea # 194. Blogging

By filling your blog with useful and unique content, you can receive funds not only for views, but for advertising. Bloggers are also needed to maintain thematic sections of many corporate websites and online stores.

Business idea # 195. Creation of an information site

Profit - funds for renting advertising space on the site. Of course, in order for advertisers to agree to cooperation, the site must have a high rating, and for this you need to take care of useful articles and videos.

Business idea # 196. Trainings, MK in YouTube

You can shoot almost anything you want. If the videos will bring some benefit, they will be viewed often, which means that the earnings will be large. Cooking lessons that develop videos for kids, embroidery, drawing, and massage lessons are very popular.

Business idea # 197. Programming courses

No less relevant today is programming or layout. For this reason, courses related to this area will be incredibly in demand. Even if you yourself are not strong in programming, you can simply hire qualified teachers.

Business idea # 198. Cooking courses

Television shows such as "Master Chef", "Cooking Together" contribute to an increase in demand for various kinds of cooking courses and MC. A good chance to get a lot of students are courses in the preparation of sweets for the very popular candy bars of our time.

Business idea # 199. SEO agency

In the competitive struggle for supremacy in the market, all owners strive to get into the TOP-10 in the search engine results. Therefore, the services of SEO specialists are becoming more and more popular in Ukraine.

Business idea # 200. Dancing school

Minimum costs and stable income, excellent physical shape and good mood. All you need to get started is: a spacious hall, a separate room for students to change clothes, musical equipment.

Business idea # 201. Yoga courses

For the organization of such courses, it is necessary to rent a suitable room. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge to conduct classes on your own or hire teachers.

Business idea # 202. Tourist agency

To begin with, it is better to negotiate with agencies in other cities, as well as think well about the rest of guests in your city. When setting up a business, you will need to make hotel reservations on your own, and perhaps conduct a tour yourself. Having “promoted” your business, it will be possible to sell the services of other specialists.

Business idea # 203. recruitment agency

Decent work with good wages is the dream of many Ukrainians. Unfortunately, finding a job on your own is quite difficult, so you have to turn to outside help. Polish entrepreneurs are especially interested in Ukrainian specialists, and therefore contracts should be signed with them in 2018.

Business idea # 204. Courier service

It is better to start small - your city. With an increase in employees, it is possible to offer delivery to other cities and regions.

Business idea # 205. Foreign language courses

Especially popular are: English and German, although you can recruit a group for training in a regional city to study any other languages. Such a business can be combined with the services of an interpreter.

Business idea # 206. Advertising agency

If you manage to come up with creative ideas by your team, then you need to find responsible partners to implement them.

Business idea # 207. Taxi service

In a small town, you can create your own network with a call center. It is not necessary to buy cars, you can agree on cooperation with drivers who have their own car.

Business idea # 208. Board Games Club

A new type of entertainment for Ukrainians, and therefore quickly captures its audience. Each participant can pay both for entrance to the territory of the institution, and for participation in the game.

Business idea # 209. Entertainment center for children

In a small town, it is enough to equip several play areas for different age categories. Over time, it will be possible to open a cafe nearby.

Business idea # 210. drawing school

Both children and adults can learn. Drawing is a great way to relax and restore inner harmony. In a creative workshop, there must be high-quality materials - paints and canvas.

Business idea # 211. School of Child Development

Perfect for preschoolers. It is easy to teach children in a playful way. You can use one of the most popular learning tools in the US - Lego bricks.

Business idea # 212. Scientific research and shows for children

Having planned activities and experiences that are interesting and useful for children, they can be offered to a variety of educational and educational institutions, for children's holidays.

Business idea # 213. Paid fishing

Yes, it will not be easy to work to organize this business, however, the result will not be long in coming. In addition to the entrance fee to the territory and the opportunity to go fishing, you can make a profit from renting spinning rods. Nearby you can open a cafe.

Business idea # 214. Paintball club

It will certainly interest young people and men of mature age, because at the same time it combines outdoor activities, hunting, team sports. The most expensive will cost weapons and paint bullets. Obstacles can be performed from any wooden boards, boxes, car tires. By improving your services, you can purchase suits and protection (helmets, knee pads), etc.

Business idea # 215. Gym

At least 5-10 simulators, and the business will begin to bear fruit. In small towns where there are no chain fitness centers, such an institution will definitely become popular.

Business idea # 216. Extreme driving courses

Perfect for those who love and perfectly know how to drive a car. Such a business will become not only profitable, but also useful for society. Drivers will be able to improve their driving skills and better control the situation on the road. At the same time, the courses will provide an opportunity to "let off steam" and have a great time.

Business idea # 217. Greenhouse

Business without big expenses. If you first need to spend money on buying seeds and bulbs, then over time you can learn how to propagate them, and, therefore, make a net profit.

Business idea # 218. Second hand

It will be possible to make good money on seasonal clothes and shoes. To buy quality things by weight, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can put the product in order (properly wash, iron) at home. It will be possible to sell things through social networks, special flea market sites (OLX, Klumba, Kidstaf, etc.) or by opening a traditional thrift store.

Business idea # 219. Antiques

Ukrainians like to keep a lot of old things in attics, because it's a pity to throw them away. Through social networks and various trading services, you can report the purchase of old things. After working a little on them, they can be resold many times more expensive in antique shops, collectors.

Business idea # 220. Handmade at fairs

If you can’t do unusual and useful things on your own, you can buy them in bulk on trading sites and resell them at a higher retail price.


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