Basil Zahorodniuk on the development of Ukrainian IT, AI in medicine, investment, and the future of Ukraine

Basil Zahorodniuk on the development of Ukrainian IT, AI in medicine, investment, and the future of Ukraine

Interview with Basil Zagorodniuk, Founder of Grupo Codeware S.L, on the development of Ukrainian IT, AI in medicine, investments, and the future of Ukraine

Basil Zahorodniuk is a well-known Ukrainian businessman, entrepreneur, founder of Grupo Codeware S.L., and co-founder of the charity foundation "From Ukraine". His business success is attributed to his ability to create financial instruments, develop business strategies, and utilize the latest technologies.

In 2017, Basil graduated from Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University with a masters degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics. Basil has fundamental knowledge of mathematics and statistics, specialized modern knowledge, practical skills, and abilities in the field of financial economics.

Basil gained work experience in the United States, where he was engaged in the creation of supply chains using blockchain technology. This gave him knowledge and skills in the field of logistics, which Basil has been successfully using in his work to this day. Basil Zahorodniuk also gained experience in Europe, which helped him create a successful group of companies.

One of the projects that Basil considers his contribution to saving the world is the development of innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence that will help improve medical processes.

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Basil, and his partners set up a charitable foundation. It constantly supports and helps the Ukrainian military. The foundation also helps those people who have suffered from shelling in one way or another.

Basil often emphasizes the importance of technology development and its impact on society. He believes that despite all the difficulties, Ukraine has great potential in this area, and young Ukrainians should focus on creating new technologies and innovative solutions for their business models.

In addition to his business success, Basil is actively working to develop IT education in Ukraine. He takes the initiative to improve the level of education and develop talented young professionals.

Basil Zahorodniuk on the development of Ukrainian IT, AI in medicine, investment, and the future of Ukraine

One of the projects that you consider your contribution to global development is the application of artificial intelligence in medicine. Tell us more about your developments in this area.

Ive always been fascinated by the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, so this has become one of the main areas of my research and development. My team and I are working on developing innovative solutions that can help improve diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical processes.

One of our projects is the development of a system for the automatic analysis of medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. We aim to use deep neural networks to recognize signs of pathologies and abnormalities, which will help doctors in making diagnoses. Our system will be able to detect cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other medical conditions with high accuracy, which will provide a faster and more efficient diagnosis.

I see great potential in the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, and we are actively working to expand our development. Our goal is to improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment, making them more accurate, efficient, and accessible to all patients.

One of our promising areas is the development of disease prediction systems. We aim to use machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of clinical data and patient information to identify risk factors and predict the occurrence of diseases in advance. This will allow doctors to make informed decisions and take preventive measures to prevent the development of the disease or detect it at an early stage.

We want to use artificial intelligence to analyze medical data and clinical protocols to recommend optimal treatment regimens. This will help doctors make informed decisions based on the latest medical research and patient data.

After the war in Ukraine broke out, you set up the charity foundation "From Ukraine". What kind of assistance does it focus on, and have you seen any results?

Our charitable foundation "From Ukraine" was established to help the military and people affected by the war. We focus on providing financial support, medical services, rehabilitation, and social adaptation to Ukrainians. Since its inception, the Foundation has achieved significant results, including organizing and financing medical treatment for victims abroad and organizing charity events to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Given your interest in technology, how do you assess Ukraines prospects for developing technologies in the military tech sector?

I believe that Ukraine has great potential in developing technologies in this sector. Our country has significant scientific potential, talented specialists, and high-tech enterprises that can create innovative solutions for the defense sector.

Today, Ukraine is successfully resisting the invader, which has given many countries an impetus to create innovative solutions for the military industry. Ukrainian specialists will be in demand for any defense industry, which will give rise to the development of new technologies.

However, to reach its full potential, it is necessary to promote research and ensure effective technology transfer from academia to industry. In addition, it is important to attract investment in the military-technical complex and create favorable conditions for the development of the private sector in this area.

As a person with extensive experience in the IT business, what prospects do you see for the IT industry in Ukraine and what is it lacking today?

I see great prospects for the IT industry in Ukraine. Our country has a highly skilled labor force and a large number of talented programmers. However, to reach its full potential, we need to focus on the development of product companies and innovative projects.

To do so, it is necessary to provide adequate support for startups, improve the IT education system, and attract investment in innovative projects. In addition, it is important to promote cooperation between universities, research centers, and the private sector to create innovation ecosystems.

Given your foreign education and period of living abroad, will Ukraine remain attractive to foreign investors after the election?

I am confident that Ukraine will remain attractive to foreign investors after the election. Ukraine has significant potential in many areas, including agriculture, information technology, manufacturing, and energy.

The defense industry will play a major role, as Ukraine already has a huge number of companies developing state-of-the-art defense technologies, including the latest drones that will be able to perform any task, depending on the task at hand.

It is important to understand that after the war, Ukraine will have the opportunity to focus on rebuilding and developing its economy. This will create a favorable atmosphere for investment and new business opportunities.

However, to attract foreign investors, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the political and economic environment, reduce bureaucratic barriers, improve the legal system, and ensure transparency in the business sector. In addition, it is necessary to actively promote Ukraine as an attractive investment platform, demonstrating the countrys development prospects and potential.

What areas for investment in Ukraine will be promising in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, Ukraine may see promising areas for investment in infrastructure, defense, energy, manufacturing, IT, agriculture, and the environment. The military industry, the development of infrastructure and smart city technologies, and the expansion of export opportunities in the agricultural sector will be attractive to investors.

What projects and areas of activity are you interested in in Ukraine? Do you have any plans to invest?

In Ukraine, I am personally interested in projects related to the development of information technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, distributed systems, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. I see great potential for Ukrainian IT companies in these areas and see opportunities to create innovative products and solutions that can impact the global market.

As for my investment plans, I intend to focus my investments on start-ups and young technology companies working on innovative IT solutions. I believe in the potential of Ukrainian talented entrepreneurs and plan to contribute to their development through financial support, mentoring, and the creation of charitable foundations aimed at supporting the Ukrainian ecosystem.

I am also looking at opportunities to collaborate with research centers and universities to promote scientific research and technological innovation in Ukraine. This will help to create a strong innovation ecosystem and promote the countrys development as a center of technological progress.

Overall, our team continues to work on developing blockchain, IoT, and AI solutions with a focus on healthcare. We want our work to have an impact on peoples lives and health. I believe in Ukraines potential as a country with high technological capabilities and will focus my efforts on promoting the development of these industries and making a positive contribution to the future of our country.

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