Oleksandr Predytkevych: Creating an innovative cryptobank using the CPB token

Oleksandr Predytkevych: Creating an innovative cryptobank using the CPB token

Oleksandr Predytkevych is a businessman with significant experience in realizing several successful ventures in Spain, creator of Lex Dixit law firm about the project of creating an innovative ...

Oleksandr Predytkevych is a businessman with significant experience in realizing several successful ventures in Spain. He is the creator of Lex Dixit law firm, which serves more than 500 companies in Spain and has 5 branches. Oleksandr has created about 10 business models in absolutely different areas of business. His versatile experience and expertise allow him to successfully implement innovative projects in the field of cryptocurrencies and financial technologies. To realize this project, Oleksandr managed to unite a professional team of experts in finance, investment, banking, and blockchain technologies.

What is the idea behind the project?

Our project is aimed at creating an innovative crypto bank that will offer customers basic banking services based on blockchain technology. As part of this project, we also plan to issue a certificate paper banking token, which will serve the owners as shares of the bank and allow them to participate in the management of Credit Rada Banking Services.

How does the project plan to achieve the establishment of the bank?

The work on the project will be carried out in several stages: 

- We are now already in the first phase, which includes active marketing activities.
- Also, the company Rada Fin Tech SL, in which I am a director, has been officially registered.
- Sale of tokens with the help of which the authorized capital will be raised for the creation of Crypto Bank.
- Creation of a Credit Organization, which will consist of 150 people. The authorized capital of this organization will be 300,000 euros.
- Opening the first branch of Cryptobank with an authorized capital of 2.5 million in a city in Spain with a population of no more than 100,000 people.

Oleksandr Predytkevych: Creating an innovative cryptobank using the CPB token

What will be the role of this token in the project?

"Certificate paper banking CPB" or simply "Paper coin" is a token that acts as a financial instrument to raise investment and statutory capital for the crypto bank. By selling tokens, the project will provide the necessary funds for the successful launch and operation of the bank.

Token holders take an active part in the ownership of the bank, as tokens provide them with ownership rights to a portion of the crypto bank. This unique feature allows them to participate in the decision-making and management processes of the bank.

The token can also be used as a means of paying for services provided by the crypto bank. This can include transaction fees, account maintenance, and other banking services.

In addition, the token can serve as an incentive for customers by providing them with bonuses, discounts, or other exclusive privileges when using the crypto banks services.

Thus, the token plays a key role in both funding and managing the cryptocurrency bank, as well as helping to attract customers and participants to the project. It promotes decentralization and active involvement of stakeholders.

A total of 100 million CPB tokens will be created, which will correspond to 100% ownership of Credit Rada Banking Services.

 The tokens will be distributed as follows: 

- 20% will be available for public distribution through token sales. 
- 20% Providing liquidity to the project 
- 15% To be distributed among the project partners 
- 8% For the realization of the marketing plan
 - 8% Used for additional motivation of employees 
- 29% Reserve fund

What opportunities and benefits will this new bank provide to its customers?

Opening and management of bank accounts:

Customers will be able to make payments, receive payroll, use online banking, and perform other bank account-related transactions.


The bank will provide loans and credit to customers for various purposes such as mortgages, car loans, consumer loans, etc.

Debit and Credit Cards:

The Bank will offer the issuance of debit and credit cards that will enable customers to make cashless payments, withdraw cash from ATMs, and receive bonuses and benefits associated with the use of the cards.

Asset Management:

Asset management services such as investment funds, portfolio management, and securities trading will be provided. Customers will be able to invest their funds with the help of the bank to achieve financial goals and generate returns.


The bank will provide the facility to make remittances both domestically and internationally using various systems such as SWIFT, SEPA, and others.

Financial Counseling:

Advisory services will be provided to clients in the areas of financial planning, investments, taxation, and other financial matters.

What is the expected timeline for the project implementation and operationalization of the bank?

Over the next 3-4 months, we will be actively engaged in marketing, legal clearance, and preparation of our project. Then we will work on token distribution using sales, which will take about 1 month.

After that, we will move on to actively work in various directions to open our first physical bank branch. Tentatively, this process will take 6 to 12 months, including all the steps involved in opening a bank.

What role does the project team play in achieving your goals and what experience do they have in this area?

We have a team of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in their fields. For example, for the position of branch director, we proposed a person who has held a senior position in banking for many years.

We attach great importance to the experience and expertise of our team members as this enables us to ensure effective management and achievement of our objectives. We are confident that such experienced team members will contribute to the successful implementation of our project.

 What measures will be taken to ensure transparency and openness in the banks operations?

We are proud to announce our plans to allow the public to open accounts with our bank for publicity! This demonstrates our commitment to operating in a fully open and transparent manner, and we are prepared to make all of our financial statements easily and openly available.

We are willing to maintain our financial statements openly and show them to our depositors. We believe that this will build trust and confidence in our project.


Taking into account Oleksandrs multifaceted experience, expertise in cryptocurrency, law practice, economic and banking spheres, as well as his active participation in the development of the blockchain community, we can certainly say that Oleksandr Predytkevych is an ideal candidate for the successful implementation of this project. His unique knowledge and skills will undoubtedly ensure the projects stable growth and success in the market of financial technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Oleksandr is a combination of exactly those qualities and skills necessary to successfully build such an ambitious project as a bank. His unique multidisciplinary experience, which includes successful business management in various fields, professional practice in the legal sphere, as well as expertise in financial technologies and cryptocurrencies, makes him the most suitable candidate to realize his vision.

All these qualities and experience make Oleksandr Predytkevych an indispensable asset for the project, and it is safe to say that he is the man for this ambitious and promising initiative.

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