Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Overview 2016

Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Overview 2016

UVCA report sheds light on the Ukrainian venture market in 2016

The Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) has just released its venture capital and private equity overview, a report that features data about angel, venture and private equity investment deals involving companies in Ukraine, or with strong Ukrainian roots, in 2016.

According to the study, 2016 saw the highest number of investment deals since 2010. There were 87 deals in total, which is 32% more than in the previous year.

Eight exits took place in 2016, while the majority of investors — 68% — were satisfied with the results of the year, says the report.

Key findings:

  • The tech investment market reached $88 million in total volume in 2016, and $400 million in the past five years
  • The volume of disclosed deals has shown a 125% increase as compared to 2014, but has declined by 33% as compared to 2015. Such a decrease may be due to the fact that several deals of 2015 amounted to dozens of millions of US dollars, says the report. Among the most spectacular events of this period was Snapchat’s acquisition of Looksery in a $150 million deal.
  • There were 73 seed-stage deals in 2016 (up from 58 in 2015), with more than $500,000 injected on average last year
  • Up to $1 million was injected as part of all-stage investment deals on average

Both the number of deals and their volume will increase in 2017, predicts chairman of UVCA supervisory board Andrey Kolodyuk.

“Last year several international investors, for example, HP Tech Ventures, entered the Ukrainian market and joined UVCA. Foreign investors participated in nearly 60% of the deals, with the international capital accounting for 80% of the total investment volume in 2016, undisclosed deals not considered,” commented UVCA Executive Director Olga Afanasyeva.

With 16 seed-stage deals and $9 million secured in investment, online services showed the biggest investment appeal in 2016, says Afanasyeva.

According to the UVCA’s report, there are 3,000 startups in the Ukrainian market currently.

Earlier this year UVCA released its Investors Book, a report that features data about local venture funds, accelerators, incubators, PE funds and other market players.

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