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Investment projects in Ukraine

Aerospace reusable complex for launching microsatellites

Attraction of investments in the development of a micro-space reusable system with the manufacture of a flight prototype of a stratospheric rocket plane to demonstrate the efficiency of the complex


Киев, Украина, 02000

  • Sector: Machinery
  • Business activity: Aerospace manufacturing
  • Stage: Startup
  • Project cost: $100 000
  • Required investments: $100 000
  • Type of investment: Equity
  • Share in capital: 40%

General description

Creation of a reusable aerospace complex for launching microsatellites into low-earth orbit (first stage)

- Type of activity: Rocket engineering

- Project stage: Completion of development, full-scale tests of a prototype of a stratospheric rocket plane

- Required investments (stage 1) – USD 100,000

- Type of investment: Equity participation

- Offer to investor – 40%

- Return on investment – 2 years

There are several options for reusable space systems with air launch of rocket carriers, allowing to reduce gravitational and aerodynamic losses.

The concept of our air launch option is significantly different and allows us to further reduce the required launch mass of the complex, its cost and the cost of the payload, as well as increase its autonomy (see the project presentation).


- we have worked out the concept of the project and calculated the design of the rocket plane and its rocket engine.

- a team of specialists was selected.


We want to use a non-traditional type of liquid-propellant engine fuel – hydrogen peroxide with propane afterburning in a vapor-oxygen medium of decomposed peroxide.

This offers prospects of:

- a significant simplification of the rocket plane design, due to the rejection of cryogenic fuel components and turbo-pumping units, with a certain decrease in the specific impulse of the rocket engine.

- ensures the ecological purity of the combustion products of the liquid-propellant rocket engine

We are also changing the takeoff algorithm of the rocket plane.

By using an aero-towing vehicle, we provide an additional reduction in gravitational and aerodynamic losses, as well as significantly reduce the required thrust of the rocket plane starting engines.

The first stage of the project is based on proven technical solutions that do not contain novelty, but the rocket plane launch algorithm is not traditional. In order to reduce risks for the investor, the cost of the first stage is limited, but sufficient to confirm the project's performance.

After the positive completion of the tests on the first stage, it will be proposed to create a legal company – the operator of the reusable space air launch system, to develop its economic model.

Target audience of consumers

The world demand for launching microsatellites with ultralight launch vehicles is estimated at several thousand launches per year at a payload cost of USD 2,500 – 3,500 per 1 kg. The cost of the lightest one-time launch vehicle is not less than USD 1.5 million.

Our payload cost is expected to be lower. In addition, we will be able to re-prepare quickly for a new launch at any inclination of the satellite's orbit, including from north to south and from east to west.

The complex does not require additional airfield infrastructure.

Offer to Investor

Investment required: USD 100,000 in equity.



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