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Investment projects in Ukraine

Agricultural joint venture offer

The project involves buying out of agricultural company in Chernigiv region of Ukraine


Прилукский район, Черниговская область, Украина

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Industry: agriculture

Business activity: plant growing

Stage: Later stage/exit

Project worth: USD 10 000 000

Investment needs: USD 10 000 000

As of present, there is a possibility to buy out agricultural company from the owner, who is retired and ready to sell the commercial unit. The joint venture, in its turn, will be organized with the neighboring farmer to the agricultural enterprise for sale. The farmer himself holds a land fund totalling 2 000ha. The farmer has experience in working for large agricultural holdings with more than 30 000ha in possession. The farmer who offers setting a joint venture is ready to invest his 2 000ha land plots and take a management position in the venture. At this, he is open to negotiate the investor’s choice for the hired position of the CEO.

Short description of the agricultural company that may be purchased

Location: Pryluky region of Chernigiv region

Land fund: 7 050ha

Index of quality and yield of soil: 45-50

Stock of cattle: 1 800 heads

Pigs: 7 500 heads

There is available and working equipment, buildings and farms.

Compound feed mill, milling plant, grains warehouse, and grains dryer, as well as construction in progress for a production facility.

The projected cost of the agricultural company stands at USD 10mln. As of present, the owner is carrying estimation for the assets of the company.

All additional information will be provided at a private meeting with potential investor. 



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