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Apple tree orchard in Kherson

32 ha of apple tree orchard nearby Kherson for sale

Sector: Agriculture

Location: Ukraine, Kherson region, Kherson

Orchard start date: 4 years

Location: 7 km away from Kherson

Land plot: 32 ha (land ownership)

Age of trees: 4-5 years (autumn 2012)

Trees were planted at age of 1 year – 30%, 2 years – 70%

Sorts of apples:

  • Golden Delicious – 10 ha
  • Semerenko – 20 ha
  • Idared – 2 ha

Garden territory is enclosed by chain link fence.

Water: drip irrigation system (qualitative water is taken from Dnipro and water channel Nikolskoe). All irrigation is legal.

Scheme of tree planting: 3 x 4

Rootstock: 106

Staff: 2 people

There is a possibility to purchase young cherry garden.

Valuation: according to prime cost of investment ($10,000 per 1 ha)

Subject of sale: corporate rights

Sale price: $390,000


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Name: Alex

E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

Phone: +38 097 772 72 92

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