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Clay blocks manufacturing brick plant

Clay blocks manufacturing brick plant " Kuzminetsky Brick Plant" for sale

Kuzminetsky brick plant is a modern manufacturing facility for production of ceramic blocks.

Total area of the buildings is about 16,000 square meters, which are located on a land plot of 3 hectares, owned by the seller. Location of the plant is highly advantageous from the perspective of proximity to the transport infrastructure (railway, roads, river port); the distance to Kyiv is about 80 kilometers.

The manufacturing facility produces large ceramic porous blocks which are used as a modern high-tech construction material. The plant is equipted with modern machinery from the leading world manufacturers: JBS (England), OMS (Italy), Verdes (Spain), Fanuc (Japan), CONTAR Plus, PKI Teplotechn (Czech Republic), Siemens (Germany) and Caterpiller (USA), which assures the newest technologies of brick manufacturing.

Production facilities of the preparatory shop make it possible to ensure simultaneous operation of two lines of the factory, that is, to produce up to 120 million ceramic blocks per year.

The products can be used both in high-rise and low-rise construction. Raw material base and availability of clay reserves can provide a strategic perspective of production for 45-50 years.


Why are porous ceramic blocks one of the best materials for construction?

The ease of ceramic blocks processing helps to reduce the labour cost, quantity of workers and time of their work. Moreover, the consumption of mortar when laying walls with ceramic blocks is from two to three times shorter than in case of using the usual bricks.

Dimensions of ceramic blocks exceed the dimensions of ordinary bricks by more than 10 times, and the weight of ceramic blocks, due to high porosity, accelerates and makes construction of foundation almost 2 times cheaper than in case of using conventional materials.

Speed of walls erection using ceramic blocks is up to eight times faster as compared to ordinary brick. At the same time the masonry quality is not compromised and the the labour costs is lower.

Ceramic block used in modern buildings is ecological and high-tech construction material, the composition and production method of which is more ecological in comparison with other construction materials.

Ceramic blocks' strength and resistance to external factors is higher as compared to foam concrete and aerated concrete blocks. Due to reduction in the number of horizontal seams and the absence of vertical seams, the risk of shrinkage cracks and cracks in the plaster is reduced.

Ceramic blocks can be used for both high-rise and low-rise construction. High frost resistance, soundproofing, optimal moisture exchange and fire safety gives a great competitive advantage to this material.


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Name: Anatoly Hrabovy

E-Mail: anatoli.grabovy@golaw.ua

Phone: +38 044 581 12 20

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