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CRM system for business automation

Sale of an operating product company dealing with the development of a CRM system for business automation
  • Sector: ИТ и телекоммуникации
  • Business activity: Интернет-технологии
  • Price: $250 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business: 12 г.
  • Number of employees: 5 чел.
  • Payback period: 3 г.
  • Fully-fledged CRM solution, suitable for different fields of activity:

    • education (kindergarten, school, universities, study groups, courses)
    • sports (fitness, sports school, dance school, tennis, pool, private trainer, yoga)
    • beauty sphere (beauty salons, barbershops, SPA, solarium, tattoo, cosmetology)
    • medicine (medical center, dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychology, hospitals, clinics, test results, diagnostic center)
    • automobile (car wash, car service, tire fitting, car dealership, vehicle inspection, tuning center)
    • recreation (quests, bowling, e-sports, restaurant)

    A CRM system for automating business increases customer loyalty, improves communication with the client, real-time planning, set-up schedule, fewer delays, quick reports.

    The product includes a mobile application, Web version, game AR.

    Features and capabilities of CRM systems:

    • Push-notification
    • Sms-messaging and mailout
    • Integrations with IP telephony and other services
    • Unified company database
    • All information in one place
    • Ease of communicating online with staff and customers 24/7
    • Saving the history of communication with the client
    • Availability (Web / IOS / Android)
    • Statistics and analytics
    • I want to:
    • - manage the schedule
    • - form groups
    • - see statistics
    • - manage staff
    • - accept payments
    • - run reports

    The product is gamified, participants accumulate points that can be exchanged for gifts, the game uses AR in the application, AR masks are developed for avatars, and the news feed, compiled of the class results, also uses AR technology. There are ratings inside the system and a single portfolio of classes is formed, each subsequent teacher / trainer / master sees the previous story, on the basis of which a personal learning path is compiled. Each participant receives a certificate – an online diploma of studies/classes completion.


    1. Base 99 $ one-time + 9 $ per month (up to 5 employees, 1 year subscription)
    2. Pro 199 $ one-time + 19 $ per month (up to 10 employees, 1 year subscription)
    3. Top 599 $ one-time + 39 $ per month (starting from 10 employees, 1 year subscription)

    Product competitive advantages

    Easy to use, simplicity and speed of technological solutions, convenient and simple product, does not require training and additional implementation efforts, 12 years of experience, the first on the market of CPM systems for out-of-school education, sports clubs and other studios. Flexible, innovative product.

    Market and competitive environment

    The market is just emerging, a great demand for business automation both off-line and on-line. The main competitors are Bitrix, Yclients (Russia).

    Sales and promotion

    Google, FB, Instagram

    Company financial data

    1. Gross income (turnover)
    • 2017 – $ 176,074
    • 2018 – $ 233,333
    • 2019 – $ 192,592
    1. Net profit
    • 2017 – $ 77,777
    • 2018 – $ 100,000
    • 2019 – $ 85,185

    The main cost items: server, wages, marketing, taxes

    Opportunities and risks

    Expansion, the market in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

    Key team members

    • Founder & CEO
    • Managing partner
    • Marketing director
    • CDTO digital department
    • Sales manager

    Number of employees: 5 persons + contractors

    The team is engaged in the creation of innovative educational projects on a turn-key basis and helps the business significantly improve its results.

    There have been created the well-known brand “Release Education”, a private kindergarten, an institute, an out-of-school education system, a CRM system for business, Mobile App and other projects for 12 years of operation. The founder of the project is an expert in such fields as EdTech, VR/AR, CRM, LMS, Mobile App, AI, Blockchain. The member of the expert group of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Extracurricular Education”.

    We are proud of the winning the Effie Awards – t he most prestigious award in the world in the field of marketing communications, which is awarded for the main achievement in the field – efficiency.

    Our partnership projects are a series of innovative out-of-school education Release in Novopechersk school, dance schools of Vlad Yama, Dima Kolyadenko, Francisco Gomez, Tatyana Denisova, sports studios of Vladislav Vashchuk, Oleg Lisohor, Slava Medvedenko, Ostap Stupka studio, TSARSKIY kids club, kindergarten "Mr. Leader", Dance Academy in Malta "RBSM School", show business institute at European University, etc.

    Our mission is to change the education system in the world through the development of innovative technologies.

    Subject of sale

    100% stake in LLC with the software and trade mark rights, an operating business.

    Additional information is available upon request.



    Name: Алексей Олейников

    E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

    Phone: +380677136571

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