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Investment projects in Ukraine

Cryptocurrency exchange arbitrage automation – risk-free profit

Investments in stock arbitrage with a yield of up to 6% per month using the automated program of the Kings of Investment company


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The essence of arbitrage

Arbitrage is an old and well-known method of investing all over the world to increase your capital. It is based on the simple principle of buying assets in the market at a lower price to resell quickly in another market where the price is higher.

The implementation of such a transaction is possible without any risk, since technologies have already been developed that come to our aid.

The key to being successful in this transaction is the extreme speed of the transaction. Modern technical capabilities allow transactions to be completed instantly, making it easier than ever before to use arbitrage method.

Arbitrage using cryptocurrency volatility.

Currently, we see arbitrageurs on both forex and cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as in traditional markets such as the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Let's take a look at what arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market might look like. The simplest example: suppose we can buy BTC for USD 15,000 on Binance, and USD 15,100 on BitBay. At this stage, having accounts on both exchanges, it is enough to immediately make a buy and sell transaction in order to get a quick and reliable profits.

What specifics should a person involved in arbitrage pay special attention to:

  • Cryptocurrency transfer cost. You should not allow a situation where transaction costs will reduce the planned profit. Ideally, the transaction commission should be as low as possible.
  • Transaction time. You must have funds on different exchanges and transfer them very quickly. It usually takes too long to transfer funds between one cryptocurrency exchange and another one (like the aforementioned BitBay and Binance), so we definitely won't be able to arbitrate this way. The exchange is very useful as it allows you to exchange FIAT currencies for cryptocurrencies quickly and conveniently. Thanks to this, we can buy a certain currency in a second and get rid of it just as quickly.
  • Use of software. There is no need to cheat. It is almost impossible to make this type of transaction on your own. Therefore, the person planning the arbitrage must use the appropriate software, which, unfortunately, is not so simple. Finding effective software on the Internet is quite problematic and usually requires the purchase of a paid license.
  • It cannot be denied that earning income in the form of arbitrage requires a fairly large budget. Usually the difference in valuations is really minimal, so it is very difficult to get a satisfactory profit without the appropriate capital. Keep in mind, however, that many arbitrage transactions can be completed in a short time, so even with minimal returns, applying economies of scale can ultimately provide a satisfactory return on investment on a monthly basis. In order to participate in the Kings of Investment program, it is enough to invest at least a few tens of thousands of hryvnias.

Investment program “Kings of Investment”

There are IT solutions on the investment market that automate the entire process of assessing the profitability of a transaction, taking into account the relationship between a cheaper purchase and a more expensive resale. Kings of Investment provides just such a robotic program based on the principle of quick arbitrage between exchanges. The Kings of Investment program is characterized by an extremely low level of risk and a relatively attractive rate of return.

More details are available in the presentation here.

How does it work?

The investment program uses an algorithm that constantly scans cryptocurrency exchanges in search of pairs that will match the parameters in the "cheap buy – high profit" program. The transaction process looks like this:

  1. The system finds an attractive currency pair that matches the price difference assumptions.
  2. The system calculates the transaction if, after its completion, the balance is positive.
  3. If the balance is positive, the transaction is considered concluded.
  4. The completed transaction is displayed in USD.
  5. The transaction amount is kept on the client's account.
  6. At the end of the month, the client receives a report on the turnover of his/her account and decides whether to withdraw money or continue participating in the program.

Thanks to the use of appropriate algorithms, you can invest on the exchange with a profit with little or no risk, because no transactions are made if the total amount of transactions is not positive. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Kings of Investment program and the investment opportunities offered.

Offer to Investor

The minimum investment is USD 1,300.

The yield depends on the amount invested (from 1.8% to 6% per month).

The admission capital is extremely low compared to how much capital we actually need to allocate funds between various independent exchanges. As a result, almost anyone can start professional arbitrage in the stock market and make above average returns. The benefits of our program have already been appreciated by both experienced and novice investors.

In order to invest, you don't need to create dozens of accounts on various cryptocurrency exchanges, and you don't need to have any software.

It is enough to send a form for consultation on the Kings of Investment website, and then our consultant will contact you to answer all your questions and clarify details. After talking to a consultant, it is enough to sign an agreement and deposit capital.


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