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Elevator with different production facilities is set for sale

The elevator is located in Kherson region, along with the elevator there are a feed milling plant, cereals production, mill, and sunflower processing line


Херсонская область, Украина

Location: Kherson region, Verkhniy Rogachik

Subject of sale: 100% of corporate rights (LLC)

Price: Negotiable                     

The complex includes:

1) Elevator of 20 000 tons capacity (for inland freight forwarders), of which 15 000 tons may be stored in silos and 5 tons at the flat floor storage. The elevator was put into operation in 1976. The operations ceased in 2000. According to preliminary estimates, the relaunching of the complex requires an investment of about UAH 2mln.

2) The feed milling plant with a projected capacity of 300tons a day

3) Cereals production of 50 tons per day, which makes cereals of wheat, peeled barley groats, pearled barley, corn, peas, buckwheat, and millet.

4) The mill has pressure-pneumatic system with technical innovation. The projected capacity of the mill is at 50 tons of flour per day of three grinding grades. The mill operates at 75% pass yield. It was mounted in 2006, and was not in much use since then. 

5)  Sunflower processing line has an output capacity of 10 tons per day. There is a possibility to increase the processing capacity to 200 tons per day.

6) There is a three-storey building with a space area of ​​2 000 square meters, where new production activities can be launched. Such as production of pasta, sunflower oil bottling, or other.

7) Administrative two-storey building.

8) 4 ha of territory is paved with asphalt.  There is a transforming substation of 1000 kW, natural gas pipeline is brought to the territory, and an artesian well is available too.

According to preliminary studies, there is an opportunity to mount a vertical elevator in the territory with a holding capacity of 30 000 tons consisting of 6 bins for 5 000 tons each.  



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