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Flat grain storage capacity of 40 000tons is offered for sale

The facility for 16 000 square meters is located in Luhansk region

Industry: Transportation and warehousing

Type of business activity: storage

Equity for sale: 100%

The enterprise is located in favorable highways crossing; that is a road corridor from Stakhanov-Pervomiask-Zolotoe-Gornoe-Lisichansk and P-66 highway of Severodonetsk-Lisichansk-Gornyj-Lugansk (also known as Bakhmutka).

The enterprise is ready to accommodate freight forwarders, provide warehousing facilities, coordinate the hosting and catering for drivers

A description of the grain storage capacity

Zone 1

Warehouse #5 is purposed for shed product storage/in bags/ Size 62.55m-21.20m amounting to 1 328.39 sq.m.

Warehouse #2 is purposed for shed product storage/in bags/ Size 47.80m-20.7m amounting to 989.46 sq.m.

Warehouse #3 Size 47.1m-21.6m amounting to 1 017.36 sq.m.

Warehouse #4 Size: 49.70m – 20.4m amounting to 1 013.88 sq.m.

Warehouse #6 Conveying trough. Size: 63.14м-21.0м/ 1 325.94 sq.m.

Warehouse #9 Size: 62.8 м -20.15м/ 1 265.42 sq.m.

Warehouse #8 Size: 62.8м-20.0м/ 1256.0 sq.m.

Total storage area: 8 196.45 sq.m. 

Zone 2

Warehouses 1,2 Conveying troughs Size: 125.80м-21.10м/ 2 654.38 sq.m.

Warehouses 4,5 Size: 125.20м-21.4м/ 2 679.28 sq.m.

Warehouse 6  Size: 62.20м-20.57м/ 1279.45 sq.m.

Warehouse 3 is purposed for shed product storage (compound animal feedstuff) Size: 63.40m-21.20m / 1 344.0 sq.m.

There can be organized a place for goods exchange under supervision of Luhank military and civil administration in the town of Gornoe between Ukraine and temporary occupied territories of Luhansk region. It can be later transformed and developed for full-range warehouses.

Herewith you may read a letter from Paniansk district state administration, as of 17 September 2016

Popasna district state administration approaches you with the next appeal. Despite the fact that there is ATO military operations being undergone in the district, local agricultural enterprises continue to work. More than 8 000ha of land was planted with grains for the harvest of 2016. At present, there are no more bread collection points or certified labs were quality of grains can be tested too. Most of the farms are located along the military boundary. It complicates the logistics issues in delivering grains to the nearby towns of the district to carry the quality analysis, process them or store. Considering the abovementioned circumstances, we kindly ask you to find ways to restart business activities at your enterprise and in the certified laboratory at your disposal.


  •  с сушилки на склады №№1,2 и №№4,5
  • . весовая
  •  автомобильная -30 т.
  • transf
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Name: Alex

E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

Phone: +38 097 772 72 92

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