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Growing organic strawberries and raspberries in Kyiv region

An operating business for the cultivation and wholesale of organic berry products is offered for purchase


Макаровский район, Киевская область, Украина

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Business activity: Crop farming
  • Price: $400 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business (years): 6

General description

The company was founded in 2014. It is engaged in the cultivation of organic strawberries, raspberries on land with a total area of ​​48 hectares, including the contract of emphyteusis – 13.4 hectares, in lease – 34.6 hectares. Today 23.9 hectares of land are cultivated.

All the land is certified organic.

Location. Convenient location in the direction of 50 km along Zhytomyr highway, in Makariv district, Kyiv region. Own base of seasonal workers (100 people). There is an access to freezing and storing, contracts have been concluded with a plant for the processing of organic berries.


  • Strawberry – Zenga Zengana variety, planted in 2018, area 3.14 hectares
  • Strawberry – Aprica, Letizia, Clary, planted in 2019, area 6.93 hectares
  • Raspberry – Brusnyava variety, Brusilovsky Standard, planted in 2015-2018, area 11.27 hectares
  • Blackberry – Triple Crown variety, planted in 2014, area 2.54 hectares

Immediately after harvesting, the products are frozen on powerful innovative equipment, where they are immediately packed without delay using the deep freeze method.

Sales: 50% - the domestic market, 50% of frozen organic berries are sold for export to European countries, foreign economic contracts have been concluded. With an increase in the production of organic products, it is planned to achieve 100% of export sales.

Certification. The products are certified in accordance with the standard of international accredited certification bodies for organic production and processing, which is equivalent to the regulations of the European Union.


  • There are living quarters (trailers) for 90 seasonal workers and a kitchen, located and equipped on the territory;
  • Refrigerating room with an area of ​​36 sq.m. for cooling fresh produce, warehouses, garage;
  • 2 greenhouses with an area of ​​480 sq.m., equipped with solid fuel boilers;
  • 6 wells;
  • Irrigation system for drip irrigation and fertigation;
  • Agricultural machinery (walk-behind tractor – 2 pcs., ground cutter, mower-shredder). The company rents agricultural equipment for the period of seasonal work;
  • Asphalt road;
  • Fenced area;
  • 16 video surveillance cameras;
  • Electricity power 100 kW.

Development prospects

  • The world market of frozen berries is one of the food sectors, the industry that is developing most dynamically;
  • High soil fertility is the advantage of Ukraine in this sector;
  • The possibility of expanding the area for growing berries from 23.9 hectares to 53 hectares, in addition there is an opportunity to purchase or rent agricultural land located nearby;
  • Over the past five years, the export of berries from Ukraine has grown 5 times;
  • The berry market is growing at over 8% per year.

Subject of sale: 100% of corporate rights

Price: $400 000



Алексей Олейников +380677136571

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