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Investment projects in Ukraine

Investing in expanding the e-commerce tire trading business

Attraction of investments in the expansion of the activities of the leading company in the market of online trading of tires, wheels and other automotive goods with its own service centers, warehouses and shops


Киев, Украина, 02000

  • Sector: Retail
  • Business activity: Other goods
  • Stage: Growth or Expansion
  • Required investments: $1 000 000
  • Type of investment: Debt financing

About company

The company carries out independent financial and economic activities in the tire market of Ukraine, being an online store under a registered trademark.

Over the 12 years of work in the tire business, the customer base has expanded significantly and as of the beginning of 2021 has about 500,000 loyal customers who regularly make purchases.

The company is the official representative of all world brands of tires. The concept of development of Internet sales of the enterprise is based on a wide range of all brands and models of tires that may interest the buyer of the Ukrainian market.

In order to reduce the logistical leverage, to ensure the possibility of quick and convenient receiving of goods by customers, the company opens representative warehouses in different cities of Ukraine, where you can not only receive the goods ordered through the Internet resource, but also carry out tire fitting and order tire storage services.

At the moment, authorized points of delivery are presented in various cities of Ukraine.

The company has its own vehicle fleet, 9 service sites. The company employs about 100 people.

In addition to traditional directions (trading with tires and wheels), the company plans to develop trade in automotive spare parts in a separate direction.

In addition, the strategy includes the expansion of the network of its own authorized centers with services in other cities of Ukraine.

The commercial strategy of the company involves the sale of tires or other related products with the highest possible mark-up in each of the promotion channels.

At the moment, a closed cycle of customer service has been built: purchasing tires for a warehouse from large suppliers – selling goods through various Internet resources – issuing goods through authorized points of delivery, tire fitting, taking tires for storage.

All these stages are described and programmed into the company's business processes by circulating the necessary documents between departments.

A unique IT e-commerce platform has been developed that adapts to various types of online commerce.

Investment plan

The economic calculations and forecast are based on extensive market research and detailed knowledge of what is required to scale a business.

The main reason for attracting additional funding is the need to accelerate the company's growth.

Target investment amount: UAH 56 million (USD 2 million), which are required for the pre-season purchase of tires in order to avoid shortages during the season.

Participation in the project is being considered with a loan condition from USD 100,000 to USD 2,000,000

During the activity of the company, USD 5,370,000 of its own investments were put into business (as of June 2021)

Offer to Investor

The following options for attracting funding are being discussed:

  1. Debt financing (loan) secured by a share in the company on the terms:
  • loan in UAH – 18% per annum
  • loan in US dollars – 12% per annum
  1. Participation in capital (cash in) is discussed

The financial model, detailed project presentation, legal financing scheme are provided upon request after the signing of the NDA and identification of the final beneficiary (investor).



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