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Business for sale: sell a business and buy a business in Ukraine

One of the largest meat processing plant in Ukraine for sale or co-investment

Investment Opportunities in Meat-Processing Sector of Ukraine: One of the largest meat-processing factories in Ukraine with export orientation of production (pork, cattle, poultry)



  • Sector: Food processing
  • Business activity: Meat production
  • Price: $34 000 000
  • Share: 100%

During the Soviet Union period, this factory was one of the three largest enterprises in the country and the most prominent suppliers and exporters of cattle meat. Capacity of the enterprise allowed to slaughter up to 1 500 cattle or 3 000 pigs per day.

In 2014 the new owners came to enterprise and made large-scale reconstruction of the meat-processing factory with a change of the main focus on the production of pork meat and pork meat products.

The meat processing plant is engaged in the manufacture and sale of pork, cattle, poultry and meat products: sausages, semi-finished meat products, canned products.

The enterprise has a full technological cycle of production: from butchering, carcasses cutting, production of meat and various meat products to sales through its own retail network.

The facilities of the meat processing plant and the access to the region’s raw material base allows considering the asset as an attractive investment offer from the point of view of developing an export-oriented enterprise to meet the increased demand for pork in China, as well as exporting meat and meat products of cattle and poultry.

Meat processing facilities:

Name of the Department

Current production capacityper day

Maximum production capacityper day
(additional investments required)

Slaughter department (pigs)

52,8 t / 480 heads

330 t / 3 000 heads

Slaughter department (cattle)

4 t / 10 heads

540 t / 1 500 heads

Slaughter department (chickens)

45,6 t / 15200 heads


Sausage making department

1,44 t

15 t

Canning department

3,84 t

7,9 t

Meat boning department

30,24 t

47,5 t

Productive capacity of refrigerating rooms

no data

170 t

Productive capacity of cooling rooms

no data

110 t

Capacity of frozen meat storage rooms

no data

4200 t

Capacity of chilled meat storage rooms

no data

200 t



Land plot (production facility): 15.3443 ha

Land plot (treatment plants): 5.5 ha

Total area of the property (buildings and structures): 73 190 sq.m.:
- Area of reconstructed premises: 32 213 sq.m.
- Non-reconstructed / mothballed premises area: 40 975 sq.m.

Electricity. Total Power - 10,000 kW. Substations - 7 units.

Gas. Moderate pressure

Water supply. 21 artesian boreholes

Sewerage. Self-absorbing pits.

Heating. Main boiler room - 3 tons of steam per year (3 boilers x 1000 kg steam per year). Poultry slaughterhouse boiler room - 0,15 tons of steam per year. Security in the office building.

Entrance. Paved entrance to the property and paved area.

Permitting documents:

  • Operating permit for pig slaughter
  • Operating permit for the production of meat products
  • Operating permit for the production of semi-finished meat products
  • The veterinary-sanitary laboratory verification and validation certificate
  • Operating permit for cattle slaughter
  • Certificate of granting a GTIN in the worldwide GS1 system
  • Certificate on marks for goods and services.

Current Status:

The following departments of the meat-processing plant has been reconstructed and are already operating:

  • Canning department
  • Summer sausage department
  • Cooked smoked sausage department
  • Meat boning department
  • Pork, cattle and chicken slaughter department
  • Semi-finished products freezing department
  • Chilled meat department

Nowadays we are looking for strategic investor to attract working capital, market knowledge to organize export and implement best international management approach for further development. We are open to negotiate 100% buyout or Joint Venture.

Additional information will be provided by request



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