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Large poultry complex for the production of eggs in the Vinnitsa region, Ukraine for sale

A large poultry complex for the production of eggs (TOP-5 exporter of chicken eggs from Ukraine) in the Vinnitsa region, Ukraine for sale


Винницкая область, Украина

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Business activity: Livestock
  • Price: $5 000 000
  • Share: 100%

The company was founded in 2006 and was one of the TOP-5 exporters of chicken eggs from Ukraine. The volume of egg production until 2020 was 200-230 million eggs annually.

Design capacity for keeping laying hens - 960,000 heads

Area for rearing chickens - 296,000 heads

Land area: 32 ha (lease for 49 years)

  • Central production site - 14.9 ha
  • Production site area No. 1 - 6.6 ha
  • Production site area No. 2 - 8.7 ha
  • Production site - 1.8 hectares (feed mill with a capacity of 56 tons / shift (allows you to provide 100% feed of your own production).
  • Grain cleaning complex – 50 t/h

Production equipment – Hellmann, Facco, Techno

Number of staff (at the time of peak load) - 330 people

The company is ISO 22000:2005 certified, which simplifies export procedures to Asian countries and allows exporting to Europe.

Main eggs export countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Syria, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, etc.

To date, the poultry complex is operating, partly leased.

Prospects for the development of the object:

  • Project expansion: to increase the production area to 2.8 million bird places (operating capacity 1.1 million bird places).
  • Design capacity for eggs: to increase the production of marketable eggs to 425 million pieces. / year (operating capacity 220 million pieces / year).
  • Purchase / control of own land bank (from 5,000 hectares) for growing grain to meet our own needs for raw materials in order to reduce costs.

Project composition:

1) Build an additional feed mill and elevator facilities at the new site
2) Build five industrial two-level poultry houses for laying hens on a new site
3) Reconstruction of two poultry houses on the existing site (8 existing poultry houses).
4) Construction of four new poultry houses for rearing laying hens on the existing site
5) Build a site for the slaughter of your own herd of laying hens on a new site

Price: $5,000,0000

Additional information available upon request



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