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Investment projects in Ukraine

Likar Online

Attracting investments in the company which provides online consultation with practicing physicians


Киев, Украина, 02000

  • Sector: IT and telecommunications
  • Business activity: Information technology and services
  • Stage: Growth or Expansion
  • Required investments: $175 000
  • Type of investment: Other

• Industry: IT and telecommunications
• Type of business: Information technology and services
• Project phase: Phase of growth and expansion (Growth / Expansion)
• Required investments: $ 175,000
• Type of investment: Other

"Likar Online" company is a service for providing online medical consultation. The service is made in the form of a mobile application where clients, paying a fixed fee, can get a consultation with a real practitioner anytime, anywhere.


Ineffective and uncomfortable healthcare system, the ability to use telemedicine to increase the efficiency of medical services, improve the service for patients. An alternative is to search for symptoms on the Internet (various forums, etc.), but our service makes it possible to talk with a real practitioner without leaving home.


The online medical consultation service has the following value offers for clients:
+ You are always in touch with the doctor on duty or your treating doctor
+ One-click doctor consultation (audio, video, chat)
+ Compliance with all the standards of consultation (medical history, consultation, conclusion)
+ Convenient and easy to use application
+ Direct appointment with doctors
+ If necessary, you can get an expert opinion on the diagnosis and treatment
+ The presence of a pediatrician

Current status

The service is fully operational, the application is developed, doctors are employed. An advertising campaign has been conducted. About $ 130,000 has been invested in the company by now.

Legal form of ownership: Limited liability company

There is ownership of the software, as well as a trademark.

Business model

Fixed cost per consultation. Profit depends on the number of consultations (the number of services sold).

Monetization Model

A client pays for one consultation through web banking.


Nowadays, such services are developing rapidly around the world, which is confirmed by the global trend in the development of telemedicine.
The increase of the number of customers is 240% per month, providing minimal advertising.
Target audience is the entire population from 24 to 60 years old. The scope of the market in Ukraine is ~ 33 million clients (the number of declared patients). The potential of the market is 191 million dollars.

Sales system

The main distribution channel is promotion on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google).

Amount of required investments: $ 150,000 - 175,000

Investment project performance indicators
IRR - 37%
NPV - $ 8,082,165
PI - 230%
PP - 2-5 years

Additional information is available upon request.



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