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Modern logistics and industrial complex 14 500 sq.m. in Vinnytsia region for sale

A modern A-category warehouse complex 14 500 sq.m., located in the industrial area of Vinnytsia region for sale


Vinnytsia region

  • Type of property: Logistic property
  • Total area: 14500 sq.m.
  • Price: $6 000 000
  • Total land area: 3.6 ha

Total area of ​​buildings and structures: 14 500 sq.m.

  1. Package storage
  2. Finished goods storage with household premises
  3. Scrap-yard
  4. Administration building with a checkpoint and dining room for 50 persons
  5. Electric lift truck maintenance point

Land plot area: 3.6 ha (in lease)

Land usage: 11.02 “Industrial lands for the placement and operation of main and auxiliary buildings and facilities of the processing, engineering and other industrial enterprises”.


  1. Electricity: transformer substation on the territory, 600 kW
  2. Gas: gas distribution substation on the territory (medium pressure)
  3. Water supply: borehole
  4. Sewerage: own treatment facilities
  5. Heating: own boiler room
  6. Railway branch lines: 2 pcs.


  1. The operating manufacturing and storage facility (part of it is granted on lease)
  2. Paved territory (asphalt), perimeter fencing, round-the-clock security, video surveillance.
  3. Fire extinguishing pumping station, underground fire tanks of 250 cu.m.
  4. Railway and car ramps, convenient asphalt access road.
  5. Heated rooms, ventilation system, staff lounges.

Current Use: Food Storage

Possibility of use for various areas of production activity or storage of goods.

Additional information is available upon request.



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