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Operating poultry farm in Zaporizhia region

An operating business for the production and sale of eating chicken eggs with a positive financial and legal history is offered for purchase


Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Business activity: Livestock
  • Price: $2 500 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business (years): 20

Business brief

The company has been successfully operating in eating chicken egg market for over 20 years.

Today, the poultry complex is a profitable business in the production and sale of eating chicken eggs, has its own brand, under which the packaged products are sold in the supermarkets. Up to 50% of its products are exported (Middle East, Africa, Asia, CIS).

The enterprise has diversified sales channels for finished products (chicken eggs, grain) and by-products of the business (spent laying hens, dung), the client base exceeds 50 counterparties.

There are valid contracts and supplier bases: chickens, veterinary drugs, equipment, fuels and lubricants, electricity, ready-made feed, logistics services, etc.

Personnel: 100-130 people at full capacity of the enterprise.

Production capacity of all the poultry houses: 572,992 heads, including 444,192 hens, or more than 130 million eating eggs per year.

There is a feed mill in the immediate vicinity, which 100% covers the needs of the poultry farm.


The property:

  • Land plot for the poultry farm – 29.8 hectares (all divisions);
  • Land plot for processing – 1,360 hectares (lease agreements for land shares) – own cultivation of forage crops;
  • 7 permanent poultry houses for keeping laying hens and 2 permanent chicken houses for raising young stock from day-old to productive age, all with a full automated set of cage and ventilation equipment from Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co.;
  • Egg store equipped with a modern automatic egg sorting system "STAALKAT Ardenta 6", as well as an air conditioning / cooling system;
  • Container storage warehouse;
  • Office building with offices, internet, telephone;
  • Veterinary pharmacy;
  • Car garages;
  • Feed warehouse, grain storage warehouses with truck scales;
  • Litter storage.

Utilities and equipment:

  • Transport park – tractors, buses, trucks and cars, trailers, loaders – for servicing the poultry farm and land bank;
  • The territory of the enterprise is covered with a hard surface and fencing;
  • Sanitary inspection rooms, disinfection barriers have been equipped, equipment for disinfection of inbound and outbound vehicles is available;
  • Power plant and transformer substation;
  • Own artesian well and water towers;
  • Heating system and boiler room.

Documentation and taxation

Technical documentation: project and special permit for water use, electricity projects, permit for waste generation and disposal, emission permit (ecology), technical documentation for buildings, certificate of ownership, documentation for land plots, export permit to an established list of countries, fuel storage license.

Availability of certificates: NACSP – ISO 22003: 2013; received category "B" (permission to export egg processing products to EU countries).

Payers of the unified tax of the 4th group in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine – a fixed agricultural tax. There is agricultural land for rent.

Transparent property system.

Offer to Investor

Price: USD 2,500,000

Sale of a share of the business: 100%

Additional information is available upon request.



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