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Organic Berry Farm, 100km South from Kyiv

Organic Berry Farm (growing organic raspberry, strawberry, honeysuckle and apples) wich is located 100km South from Kyiv for sale


Мироновский район, Киевская область, Украина

  • Price: $235 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business (years): 2.5

Specializes in: growing organic raspberry, strawberry, honeysuckle and apples

Location: Myronivka region

Assets and Investments:

  • Land. Black soil (extra fertile) – 20ha in ownership of shareholders (3). It was not cultivated for more than 15 years. Earlier on, the territory was home to Soviet apple tree garden. 10ha was rooted out in 2016-2017
  • In 2016 – Organic certificate was issued to confirm unprocessed land. 2017 crop was certified organic in June 2017. 2018 crop was certified organic in April 2018. In June 2018 unannounced inspection was held with German lab tests conducted. Results proved crops to be organic
  • Land plot is located on a motorway (asphalted access)
  • Raspberry plantation with highly productive species purchased in a licensed nursery:
    - English selection “Joan-Jay” (3.4ha) planted in 2016 and 2017
    - Switzerland selection “Himbo-Top” (1.3ha) planted in 2016 and 2017
    - Italian selection “Amira” (0.30ha) planted in 2017
    - Oak and ash trellis are installed across all raspberry plantation
    - Strawberry nursery
    - Florence (1000 seedlings) planted in 2016
    - Albion (10 000 seedlings) planted in 2017
  • Honeysuckle (0.20ha) purchased in a licensed nursery
  • Partially rejuvenated apple garden
  • Lodging for 20 people, kitchen and other domestic facilities
  • Irrigation consists of a well with 4-5 cubic meters/hour. A 150 cubic meter irrigation pool. Fertigation unit. 6ha of pipe mains with drip tapes is installed
  • A fridge to cool berries (as low as +1C) for an amount of 2,5tonn. Plastic boxes to freeze berries are available in an amount of 3400 pieces
  • 2 quality mist sprayers Oleo-mac (made in Italy), 2 grass mowers
  • Garden Scout T18 tractor (y. 2017) with detachable equipment: trailer and grass cutter
  • Agreements with freezing and storage contractors

Reason for sale: emigration

Price: 235 000$ (urgent sale)



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