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Business for sale: sell a business and buy a business in Ukraine

Organic chicken poultry farming

Business for sale - chicken poultry farming (high quality chicken)



  • Price: $3 000 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Life period of business (years): 4
  • Number of employees: 60

Main areas of activity:  Processing. Meat and sub product sales to the major Kyiv retailers. Live poultry and one-day chicken sales.

Current production capacity - 60-80 tons with expansion potential up to 150-170 tons.

Fully owned assets: 5 active poultry farms, fully equipped (feeding, watering, climate). Slaughterhouse. Decontamination center. Feed processing room. Other facilities.

  • Active account receivable and loan payable. No debts or leasing.
  • There is a possibility to increase the product capacity.
  • 15 ha in private ownership.
  • The total area of buildings is about 7 000 sq.m.
  • Poultry houses approximately 1,000 sq.m. (Reconstructed)
  • Own TM.
  • Feeding equipment “Big Dutchman”
  • Enterprise owns 70 000 chickens on its balance

Other information about business: active profitable business. Has a practically monopoly position in retail chain stores. High marginality. Leading position in high-growth organic nutrition segment. All the needed licenses are available. According to the project on the territory of 12 poultry houses can be arranged.


2014 – 14 mln UAH incl VAT
2015 – 31 mln UAH incl VAT
2016 – 44 mln UAH incl VAT
2017 - 1H - 29,8 mln UAH incl VAT

Avarage profitability - 25-30%.

METRO Cash & Carry and Auchan certified 5 poultry houses, there are also old poultry houses.

Average price 50 UAH per kg, Chicken "Tabaka" (Fried Cornish Hen with Garlic) – 62 UAH per kg.

100% for sale: $3 000 000



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