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Raspberry farm and production of jams

Berry business for growing raspberries and production of jams for sale

Specialization: growing of raspberry / processing (jams and preserves). The enterprise was built from scratch.

Location: Ukraine, Kiev oblast, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region

Assets and investments:

- Agriculture land is - 10.5 hectares in the ownership (7 acts). There is the possibility of expansion (adjacent areas + 50 ha).
The fence of the site is a grid, iron posts, concreting posts.
A house with a sip panel.
Iron shed on the field.
Saplings of raspberry "Polana" the first reproduction, 70 thousand saplings (now - 3 years).
Planting seedlings.
Trenching with a special machine for trunk pipes, for irrigation.
Water well, pump, main pipes and drip irrigation.
Mulch. Row spacing, rows (straw) and layout.
Tractor Faton FT 244, 24 hp 2016 year of production plus attachments (trailer, cultivator, ripper, milling cutter)
The introduction of land in the borders of the village, the assignment of the address, the wiring of electricity, the installation of electric posts.
- E
quipment for brewing from berries: jams, preserves, jams, etc. Austrian brand KREUZMAYR (European standard of conformity).
Additional equipment in the shop reflectometer for measuring the composition of substances, split system of industrial cooling rooms, tables, boilers, scales ...
The land plot - 0,26 ha f for construction of a production workshop / housing / commercial real estate.
- The land p
lot -0,33 ha within the boundaries of the village.
The room with the repair carried out under the shop in the lease (in the village, not far from the farm).
20 000 cans of raspberry jam (raspberry / sugar - without other additives).

Reason for sale: change of o
wner's priorities of activity

Price (all assets): $ 320,000


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Name: Alex

E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

Phone: +38 097 772 72 92

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