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Unique BrewBar in the center of Lviv for sale

BrewBar is a unique bar with a self-pouring beer system in the center of Lviv


Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 14, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000

  • Sector: Hotels and restaurants
  • Business activity: Restaurants
  • Price: $45 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Industry: Hotels and food services
  • Type of business: Food services and restaurants
  • Selling price of a business: $ 45,000
  • Share of business offered for sale: 100%


Pub-bar is located in the center of Lviv (Rynok Square) that is a very crowded and tourist place.

The bar has the only self-service system in Ukraine that is a unique self-pouring beer system on tables, which has no analogues either in Lviv or Ukraine. System equipment manufactured by the world-famous Austrian “Pour my beer” company.

The main product is beer and other alcoholic drinks. There is also a comprehensive menu of European cuisine. Selling alcohol and cuisine ratio is 50/50.

The unique beer dispensing system on the tables is a specialty of the property, which affords to save on staff, and also increases the amount of beer sold by 30%.

Work has been established with craft beer producers on very favorable conditions.

Market and Competitive Environment

The target audience of the parlor is the population from 18 to 60 years old, tourists.

The potential for growth is large: an increase over the past 2 months is 10% per month. Due to the unique self-pouring system, which has no analogues, there are essentially no competitors either.

It is possible to expand the business and create a whole network of similar parlors in other districts of Lviv or other cities or to sell franchises.

Sales and Promotion

Thanks to an automated beverage sales system, the amount of sales is increased by at least 30%, and staff costs are also reduced. Promotion and advertising is carried out using outdoor advertising, advertising on the radio, social networks and the Internet.

Opening hours: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. It is possible to extend working time pattern from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Subject of sale

Corporate rights of legal entity, kitchen and bar equipment, furniture, electronic and household appliances, decoration settings.

Reason for selling a business

Moving to another city and the inability to do this business further.

Selling price

$ 45,000



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