Delta Wilmar CIS to invest $150 million in Ukraine

Delta Wilmar CIS to invest $150 million in Ukraine's largest soybean processing plant

In the port "Pivdennyi" in the coming years will be built the largest in Ukraine soybean processing plant for soybean meal and butter

According to Alexander Orlov, general director of Delta Wilmar CIS, the volume of investments in the project will be 150 million dollars.

Company "Vilmar" is ready to invest further in Ukraine. And, in fact, we have this confirmation. Our main investor does not refuse the plans that he has set for our country, - said Alexander Orlov.

He added that the soy project is attractive due to the growing demand for soybean oil on world markets, as well as an excessive amount of processing capacity in the sunflower market. Ukraine is able to process 19 million tonnes of sunflower seeds. At the same time, the harvest is harvested at the level of 14 million tons. A sharp competition for raw materials will force processors to diversify their supplies. At the same time, those who first enter the soybean market will win. And also those who have their own exits to the sea for shipment of finished goods to court.

Soyu Ukraine exports as raw materials, but it needs to be deep processed. We will build a new plant right next to the existing two. Its productivity will be - 2 thousand tons per day. Markets are changing. We focus on Asia, Africa, Europe. We have a fairly large geography of export supplies, "said Alexander Orlov.

According to the investor, soybean processing is an additional added value for Ukraine and new jobs. In order to effectively compete on world markets, the processor must own a way out to the marina, which is in Delta Wilmar CIS. Most investors will be forced to use third-party stevedore services, which will increase the final price for soybean oil and oil shale.

Despite the fact that other investors also started the projects for the processing of soya, the Delta Wilmar CIS plant will remain the largest and most efficient in the next few years due to its location in the immediate vicinity of the berths of the deepwater sea port of Ukraine - Pivdenny. Exports of large-tonnage vessels of the type "Panamax" will significantly reduce the cost of logistics. In addition, the Delta Vilmare, being the largest importer of palm oil in the CIS, provides sea-going boats in both directions: the ship comes to Ukraine with palm oil, and comes with soy or sunflower oil. Thus, due to the absence of an empty run, "Delta Wilmar" receives a decisive savings in price at the expense of logistics. As a member of the global agro-industrial group, the company has access to cheap financial resources, which gives the new soy project another advantage over competitors.

Delta Wilmar CIS LLC belongs to the global agribusiness group Wilmar International (headquartered in Singapore). He is engaged in the cultivation and processing of agricultural crops, production of food and special fats, biodiesel, and other oil and fat products. The group consists of more than 160 productive assets on four continents. Major companies are located in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India and Europe.


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