Developers from Malta will invest € 50 million in the real estate construction in Ukraine

Developers from Malta will invest € 50 million in the real estate construction in Ukraine

Von der Heyden Group plans to build hotels and offices in Ukraine, and has already opened its first office in Kyiv

According to the press service of Von der Heyden Group, the development company from Malta, investors are planning to invest € 50 million in commercial and residential real estate in Kyiv and Lviv at the first stage

The group will invest in the construction of offices and hotels. The company will work in partnership with local players.

According to Robert Rottinghuis, CEO of Von der Heyden Group, the Ukrainian market is rapidly developing and becoming more mature and attractive as the country continues to strengthen its institutional environment and adapt its economy to European standards. For these and other reasons, the Ukrainian market is one of the priorities for Von der Heyden Group, offering interesting investment opportunities. Having similar experience in Poland, the Group intends to become an admitted long-term player, one of the leading international real estate investors in Ukraine.

Von der Heyden Group has been operating in the European real estate market since 1989 in four sectors: real estate investment, development, IBB Hotel Collection – the international hotel group, as well as alternative investments.

The company develops Class A office buildings and hotels in central and strategically important locations in Malta, Germany, Poland, and Spain.

In addition, the company specializes in the reconstruction of historic and iconic buildings. The staff consists of more than 400 people.

Von der Heyden Group has offices and representative offices in Malta, Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Menorca, Amsterdam and Luxembourg.

The group also has experience in implementing investments and projects in other cities, particularly in New York, Atlanta, London, Dresden and Leipzig.

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