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Dmitry Dubilet launches an early stage investment fund to invest $50K+ in startups

One of the founders of fintech company Monobank announced the creation of an early investment fund, and is now looking for projects to invest

Dmitry Dubilet said that the share that the investor will receive in exchange for investment will vary in each case.

He also noted that projects can be in any sector, but preferably b2c, as well as those where you can use his competence in IT.

The former minister has not yet finally determined the structure of the fund. “I formulated this as an“ early stage investment fund. ” This is not a venture fund in the sense that I do not plan to invest in completely risky projects, ”says Dubilet.

While the fund does not have its own website, but founders that seek investments for development can contact Dmitry by e-mail.

In addition to investments, Dmitry can bring to the business managerial experience, competencies in IT, and participation in promotion. He does not plan to go into management too much, but he does not intend to be just a passive investor.

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