$1 trillion contracts: how foreign companies will restore Ukraine

$1 trillion contracts: how foreign companies will restore Ukraine

Ukraine continues to resist Russian aggression. Meanwhile, the world is already developing plans for the post-war economic recovery of the country. The required investment is five times the ...

When inflation is taken into account, the cost of rebuilding Ukraine after the war is five times greater than the post-World War II Marshall Plan, which was financed by the United States.

Bloomberg noted that companies from Germany and Austria are interested in companies in the infrastructure and defense sectors. Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase & Co. awaits working groups to begin "pre-project planning". And Denmark has already allocated 120 million euros to restore the shipbuilding hub in Nikolaev.

Metinvest B.V., the largest steel producer, also made its estimates. According to them, about 3.5 million tons of steel will be needed to restore housing and social infrastructure within five to ten years. At the same time, the company notes that they are ready to satisfy the corresponding request.

Meanwhile, German companies are watching their government, because it supports Ukraine on a bilateral level. Thus, Rheinmetall AG, a defense giant, announced that it plans to create a plant in our country for the production of 155-mm artillery ammunition, which we urgently need now.

Fixit, a manufacturer of building materials, will open a new production site in Western Ukraine in 2023. But the chemical company Bayer AG announced investments in seed production.

The Austrian company Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems has already begun production at a site in Western Ukraine. It produces steel overpasses that cross rivers and valleys. The company's CEO, Richard Kerschbaumer, stated in an interview in 2023 that “there will be enough work for decades.”

Companies from Turkey are engaged in the restoration of bridges and roads. They also supply power generators and mobile hospitals. They hope that when competition for big contracts begins, they will have an advantage.

Thus, Turkish construction contractors completed 70 projects in Ukraine during two years of the great war. Their total amount is about $1 billion. Onur Group, the largest of them, is engaged in the repair of blown-up bridges, in particular in the city of Irpen, near Kiev.

Onur Group together with the South Korean company Samsung C&T Corp. built mobile hospitals in Ukraine. Also later, the company seeks to restore the reconstruction of Dnepr International Airport and some projects that involve the construction of highways.

Dogus Construction, an Istanbul-based company that has been working in Ukraine for years, is rebuilding three bridges with support from the UK. Its representative in Ukraine, Sukhi Kanatana, noted that he expects that one day they will get a contract worth "several billion dollars" from reconstruction.

Meanwhile, in Nikolaev, consultants and local authorities are developing a master plan for the city's development. It envisages its prospects until 2050. Esper Karupa Peredsen, technical director and project manager of the Danish engineering and consulting company Cowi, which is engaged in the restoration of Nikolaev. According to him, many things remain fixed on paper. After all, it is simply impossible to carry out certain work until the end of the war. This is because many projects have a chance of becoming targets for Russian bombing.

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