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German investors launch agricultural crop breeding factory for EUR 20mln in Ukraine

KWC Ukraine started the production site in Khmelnytsk region

KWC Ukraine, the production and distribution company of agricultural seeds launched crop breeding factory with projected capacity of 6 000tons a year in Kamianetsk-Pidilskyi of Khmelnytsk region in Ukraine. KWS SAAT SE invested EUR 20mln to accomplish the project, voiced the CEO Hagen Duenbostel. The facility is located over an area of 8.5ha and the plant was erected, as modular construction enabling to increase the projected capacity twice at need. At the start, the company will target local market only, but later it may shift to exporting of seeds too. KWS SAAT SE started operations in Ukraine back in 2001 by registering a daughter company as a limited liability company. KWS SAAT SE works in 70 countries and has more than 150 years of experience in crop breeding. In Ukraine the company sells seeds of sugar-beets, common beet, corn, sunflower seeds, winter rape, rye, spring barley, and potatoes.

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