Large Soviet plant Electronmash has been sold for UAH 970 million

Large Soviet plant Electronmash has been sold for UAH 970 million

The plant Electronmash has been sold 14.5 times more than the starting price

22 companies took part in the auction for the sale of Electronmash, and the auction lasted more than three hours. The starting price was UAH 66 million.

According to the results of the auction, the winner was Lorten Group LLC, which offered only UAH 1 more than Stream Capital LLC.

According to YouControl, Lorten Group is registered in Kyiv in 2018 and has an authorized capital of UAH 100.

The new owner will receive 37 units of real estate, three land plots and a total of 100 thousand m2 of real estate. Within 30 days, the investor must pay certain funds to complete the purchase procedure.

According to the agreement, Lorten Group must pay the company’s 19 debts. In addition, Lorten Group agrees to save the work for Electromash employees during six months.

The owner of "Lorten Group" is Oleg Pichevsky, a native of Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk region.

The state-owned enterprise "Electronmash" was created in USSR on the basis of an electronic computer plant. It specialized in the supply of components and computing equipment, as well as electronic products. In particular, the personal computers "Search" and "Nyvka" were produced.

The company also produced power supply devices for on-board power grids of urban transport: trolley buses, trams, subway cars and railway passenger cars, as well as household gas meters, cash registers for trade, catering and service industries, electronic equipment for controlling wind power plants.

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