Residential property in Kyiv. Who buys it?

Residential property in Kyiv. Who buys it?

Portrait of an investor into residential property of the capital city

Comfort class residential property, as well as economy class housinga are popular among young people 35-40 years old.  Also the older generation is buying property for their children or as an investment option , told Anna Laevskaya, deputy commercial director of Intergal-Bud. According to the industry experts, every year the number of young buyers is growing. In addition, in-migrants buy such apartments too.

Portrait of a buyer of business class residential real estate, despite the crisis, has remained unchanged; these are wealthy Ukrainians with stable earnings at the age of 30-45 years. Elite property is an object of investments for accumulated funds of wealthy Ukrainians.

Reputation and reliability of a developer are key factors in the buyers' choice regardless of the kind of housing and individual purpose. The buyers are not swift to buy on the first available offer, as they understand that developers must have enough funds not only to start the construction site but finish it.

Same class new buildings have different sort of buyers depending on location. The buyers of the property in the left bank of the Dnieper river are mainly families willing to live the quiet and cozy apartment buildings with everything needed close at hand.

Meantime, same class buildings on the right bank are popular among young specialists aged 26-35 who choose modern house planning and wish to be able to get to every location they need, as soon as possible. The architectural planning is a key for the buyers' choice through all classes of the residential apartments.

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