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Ukrainian venture fund AVentures Capital invested in the startup TeamFusion.

TeamFusion is a b2b platform that offers training for companies. In particular, the company is Microsoft's strategic partner for the software of Office 365 system.

TeamFusion with a head office in Los Angeles was established in 2015. The company also has R&D offices and content generating departments in Ukraine. In addition, the CTO of the project is Boris Kapitanski, a native of Kyiv city.

The parties do not disclose the terms of the deal. However, the investing round can be compared with the average check of the investing fund and it is from USD 500K to USD 1mln.

The start-up team will channel the raised funds to expand its offices in Ukraine and scale up the business. TeamFusion will almost double its Ukrainian operations, according to Mark Woodward, a member board of TeamFusion.

AVentures Capital is happy to support a company that has R&D offices in Ukraine, told Andrey Kolodyuk the managing Partner of AVentures Capital. AVentures Capital expects the contributed funds will boost development both in Ukraine and overseas.

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