Ukrainian IT companies attract 3-times more investment  y/y in 2017

Ukrainian IT companies attract 3-times more investment y/y in 2017

The amount of investment amounted to USD 265mln last year, according to Dealbook of Ukraine

Investment into Ukrainian IT companies made up USD 265mln in 2017, 3-times more in y/y terms. Ukrainian Venture Capital Association (UVCA), Ukrainian business angels network (UAngels) and Ukraine Digital News Association compiled and presented a research report titled Dealbook of Ukraine.

A number of 44 deals were concluded last year, the report reads. At this, the leading foreign funds participated in 90% of the deals. Among others, the foreign funds of General Catalyst, IVP, Spark, and Almaz Capital invested in Ukraine. 

The volume of foreign capital inflow comprised 96% of the total investment. Before, the foreign allocation stood at 50%.

The total amount of investment in IT made up USD 630mln for the last 5 years, told Ievgen Sysoiev a managing partner of AVentures Capital. This data reflects development and sustainability of  the industry against a backdrop of economic and political problems of the country.

The major investment accounting to 90% came from venture funds contributing the startups, the angel investors made 6% of the investment, while crowdfunding platforms ─ 3% of the total amount.

The largest investments were USD 110mln in Grammarly from General Catalyst, IVP and Spark Capital; USD 30mln in BitFurry from Credit China Fintech Holdings; USD 10mln in Petcube from Almaz Capital, Y Combinator, AVentures Capital, Digital Future, and others; USD 7mln in from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Y Combinator, and SV Angel.

Domestic AVentures Capital, founded in 2012, invested more than USD 3.5mln in 7 Ukrainian companies at their early stages during the last 1,5 years. They were Augmented Pixels, nuPSYS, Petcube, SpinBackup, StarWind, Rallyware, VOX, TeamFusion.

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