Ukrainian startup Ecoisme raised the required amount on Indiegogo

Ukrainian startup Ecoisme raised the required amount on Indiegogo

Ukrainian energy saving startup Ecoisme has already raised a crowdfunding goal in the amount of $50K on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo

Ecoisme has reached the crowdfunding goal of $50K in just 13 days, about 450 people supported and invested the project.

Campaign for raising funds on Indiegogo within Ecoisme will be active for 17 days.

The project team plans to spend raised money on starting small production of energy management devices.

First, investors will be able to get the device discount of $50 with the total cost of $149. Basic device with single phase sensor in retail will cost $199, the premium version will cost $ 469.

Ecoisme bills itself as an “The World’s Most Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System,” and aims to bring a single device to market that will allow anyone to better monitor their energy usage. More than simply tracking the energy consumption of all your devices — from TV to lightbulbs — Ecoisme will also provide recommendations on how to reduce energy usage, as well as provide you with alerts when devices are left on.

“With Ecoisme you don’t need to worry if you forget to switch off the iron or AC, if your kids left the lights on in the middle of the night, or if the refrigerator door has been left open,” write the inventors on their Indiegogo page. “Ecoisme will help you to take care of this.”

The Ecoisme system aims to provide a range of alerts and data, so that the average homeowner can make intelligent and insightful decisions regarding their energy usage. You can track energy from air conditioning, heating, appliances, entertainment systems, and more, all on one easy to view dashboard (see below), as well as receive relevant suggestions and tips on “how to improve and reduce your energy usage.”

And, unsurprisingly, Ecoisme will also provide alerts to your smart phone if you forgot to switch off the iron, air conditioner, stove, etc. It goes further than that, as well, letting you know if you left the refrigerator door open, or even if you left the window open on a hot summer day.

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