US taxi service Lyft to open R&D center in Kyiv

US taxi service Lyft to open R&D center in Kyiv

U.S. ride booking company Lyft has confirmed its plans to open a research and development center in Kyiv

Lyft wants to hire at least 80 local tech specialists, in addition to 20 techies that the company already employs in Ukraine.

Lyft’s R&D center in Kyiv will focus on improving online maps that the company’s users need to navigate in nearly 700 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

The US company doesn’t plan, however, to launch its service in the Ukrainian market that is now dominated by local ride booking company Uklon, Uber from the U.S. and Bolt from Estonia.

“For decades, Ukraine has cherished culture of science, technology and engineering background. And thanks to a large base of highly qualified professionals in the field of technology and a highly developed IT sector, Ukraine and Kyiv, in particular, is a perfect place for Lyft Engineering,” the company commented.

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