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USAID to allocate USD 90mln for energy sector in Ukraine

United States Agency for International Development decided to support energy reform in Ukraine

Energy security of Ukraine has become of concern and development prospect for USAID deciding to allocate USD 90mln for energy sector of Ukraine, told Olga Beliakova a member of fuel and energy committee at the parliament of Ukraine. Energy security implies sustainable and comprehensive access to the budget-friendly supplies for households and domestic corporations alike.    

The USAID project is in the process of a fine-tuning along with a screening procedure and selection among the implementing organizations. The program facility amounting to USD 90mln will last 5 years.The program is aiming at stimulation of competition in the sector, support for the local authorities over the country, finding new ways for the encouragement of implementation of renewable energy projects in Ukraine. 
Special attention will be directed to the cyber security of the energy generating facilities, establishing of regulator footing, finding new ways to managing natural gas transmission system of Ukraine, and integration of the local  supply system with the EU.
To remind, NEFCO and Finland established USD 6mln fund to finance renewable energy projects in Ukraine.

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