Yanukovych's son to invest USD 13mln into property business in Montenegro

The broker of the deal will be Soraja Vucelic, Serbian model and a Playboy celebrity

Aleksander Yanukovich, son of former president of Ukraine removed from power, plans to invest USD 13mln into real estate in Montenegro, according to Serbian Informer media. Aleksander Yanokuvich mulls construction of residential blocs of apartments, as well as some business related property. The media believes that the decision had been prompted by 31 years old celebrity of Playboy Soraja Vucelic. She will act as an investment broker of the deal.
Interestingly, the reporting media named Aleksander Yanukovich as a successful businessman and son of former prime minister of Ukraine. At this, there is no mentioning of the existing sanctions against A. Yanukovich enforced in Montenegro itself, as well as in a number of many other countries. The tabloid explained that Aleksander met Soraja via his friends telling that all the necessary permits for construction had been obtained. Meantime, Serbian model entertained similar ideas for participating in investments of the kind.

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