AgroGeneration makes USD 6.5mln capital investment into agricultural machinery

AgroGeneration makes USD 6.5mln capital investment into agricultural machinery

The French investor company decided upon machinery replacement this year in Ukraine

Agrogeneration bought agricultural machinery and other cars for USD 6.5mln during 2017, told Sergey Bulavin the vice president of the French group of companies Agrogeneration in Ukraine. In particular, the holding purchased agricultural machinery worth USD 2.9mln in spring, and it acquired agricultural machinery and cars for USD 3.6mln later in autumn.

The use of the new machinery will significantly reduce current repair costs, told Sergey Bulavin. Also, the decision was prompted by climate change influences for soil cultivation.

The techniques applied by the agricultural holding 5-10 years ago are not suitable for today's structure of the available fields in Ukraine. For the future, the company plans to use more intensive cultivation technologies and approaches farther.

The company implemented a master plan determining the appropriated set of machinery needed for each of the farms of the group in compliance with the soil composition, its acidity, density and local climatic features.

The French AgroGeneration was founded in 2007. Its business activities are planting grains and oilseeds and making exports from Ukraine.

In 2013, AgroGeneration completed a merger with the Ukrainian agrarian company Harmelia. AgroGeneration has about 120 000ha of arable land at its disposal.

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